2o2st with Friends

A pop up space, elevating young GenZ creatives and their outputs within fashion and music

Emerging out of the pandemic, among GenZ there has been an influx of business owners and creatives who seek to maintain their footprint in the industry, infiltrating through by maintaining core values of community, relatability and sustainability. 

Short of jobs – and in most cases – hobbies during the pandemic, GenZs created an army of individualistic projects whilst stuck at home. As these businesses develop as we enter the latter end of the pandemic, new fashion systems have stuck, and we have entered a surge of conscious shopping, which we’re all aware of by now.

Sustainable fashion is a notion that has been instilled throughout society and is one that GenZ aims to amplify creatively and immersively. Take Mya Nicole, for example.

2o2st, Berwick St, London

Musician Mya Nicole runs 2o2st, a pop-up space in London’s Soho twice a month, inviting creatives and business owners who would otherwise work online through their own websites or spaces like Depop, offering GenZ entrepreneurs their own area to sell or host their brands face-to-face

Timeless Wear pop up

Slots are offered at an affordable price, and doing this allows Mya to utilise the building her family has owned for over 70 years, inspiring a young audience to showcase their work beyond social media.

Suki Ice

Some brands opt for solo pop-ups; Suki Ice ran a tooth gemming station, while some host workshops allowing for an immersive experience between brand and customer. Octavia Banks held a marbling workshop which turned customers’ creations into designs for printed tops. The majority, however, use the space to sell their products, whether this be handmade or sustainably sourced. 2o2st has its own retail collection, which you can view via Instagram @2o2stcapsule.

The pop-ups are regularly advertised through vendors’ social media accounts and the event attracts up to 500 customers each time. In person pop-up events are on the rise, with Depop also hosting some of its sellers in Selfridges, as well as Urban Outfitters, who welcome small businesses to their shop floors around the country regularly, so keep a lookout.

Head to 2o2st on 72 Berwick St, Soho, London if you fancy it or keep updated via Instagram here.

Jordan Ricketts