5 Horrific Skateboard Bails

From sprained wrists to 20 ft falls, skateboarding has always been one of the most unpredictable and dangerous sports to partake in. 

Through the history of skateboarding, injuries have occurred more often than the skaters actually landing their tricks, and sometimes, can be more entertaining than the tricks themselves. 

So, I have compiled together 5 slams in skateboarding history, that will definitely have your toes curled and teeth gritted together. 

Disclaimer: Skateboarding can result in severe injury or death. Skateboard within your ability and always wear protection. Do not replicate the “stunts” seen in these videos – they are performed by professionals. 

1.) Jake Brown X Games fall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPDYg0Kkqhs 

During the Summer 2007 X Games, Jake Brown took part in the Mega Ramp contest. When going into his trick, Jake initially landed his first trick over the first ramp, but when coming to the next ramp, a totally different result was in store for him. 

When going up the enormous half pipe, Jake wobbled and got unbalanced, resulting in him flying up into the air. He flew 45 feet (14 m) onto the bottom of the ramp below. Yikes. 

Brown’s injuries were a fractured wrist, fractured vertebrae, bruised liver, bruised lung, ruptured spleen, and a concussion. Not ideal to say the least. 

2.) Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki Container fall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBHHE-sKGEY 

Aaron Homoki, or nicknamed in the skateboarding world as ‘Jaws’, was filming for his part in a Skate film titled ‘A Happy Medium’. Aaron was told to ollie off a container, but ended up clipping his back wheels on the top, and falling straight off the top. 

He landed flat on to the concrete from a 12 ft drop, with his elbow slamming into his stomach, causing him to have a ruptured spleen. He then smacked his head and got a concussion. 

With this fall, he went home and couldn’t go to the toilet when he got home, so he went to the doctors. Turned out he had internal bleeding on top of his bladder and if he left it another day he would’ve died. Now that’s some dangerous s**t.

3.)  Nyjah Huston Long Rail Fall, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHWm35Wzbmw

Throughout Nyjah Huston’s long and successful career, Nyjah has had some not so pretty falls. During filming for his skate edit ‘Until Death’ he was skateboarding two long down rails, which he waxed a lot to make the grind easier. 

He landed the first trick on the rail, but when it came to the second trick, it all went wrong. 

Nyjah said that “this slam is the perfect example of ‘don’t hesitate’. If I just went for the smith grind instead of just jumping off at the last minute, I 99% would not have bailed that hard”. 

Nyjah then bailed the trick, and because he waxed the rail so hard, he landed on the rail but slipped straight down the rail on his feet, head first onto the concrete. 

Huston hit his head so hard that he started convulsing straight away into a seizure, but lucky he was rushed to the hospital and was fine in the end. 

Pretty f*****g scary if you ask me. 

4.)  Alex Midler, Frontflip over the rail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRuxzu-XFm8

Alex Midler has had his fair share of broken wrists, broken ankles, and rough falls, but one of his falls takes the cake as his worst fall. 

Alex was trying to skate a curved rail, but when locking into his 50-50 grind on the rail, he completely slipped out. 

His stomach slammed against the rail, making him do a face-first frontflip around the side of the rail, landing on his back. 

Midler’s body flipped around the rail, with his head in level with the stairs. His head narrowly missed the corner of the stair, so It could’ve been 10 x worse than it actually was. 

Midler went on to quote about this fall:

“that’s just skateboarding… you’re always going to eat shit. The reward of actually doing something like that is just so rewarding when you actually land it”. 

5.) Jamie Foy  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LvND6BeDGs  

Whilst filming in San Deigo for his Red Bull video ‘505’, Jamie Foy had a very hard slam whilst skating a stair set. 

The reason why this fall is on this list is because of the story behind it:

When skating the double set of stairs, a security guard came and told them to go, and got really aggressive, standing in the way of Jamie when trying to do his trick. 

The security guard called the police, and at that point, he had done his job. 

But the security guard was having none of it and continued being a nuisance for Foy.

He stood to the side, shouting at Jamie telling him “I hope you eat s**t”, distracting the pro skater. 

This infuriated Jamie so he went and tried the trick, but unfortunately bailed the trick and slammed down the double staircase, falling on to his side, onto his wrist and slamming his forehead on the concrete below. 

However, the best part of this story was that after he did this, the security guard ran off, obviously feeling ashamed, then when he left, Jamie went and did the trick again, landing it perfectly before the ‘Cops’ could arrive. 

Jamie was virtually okay for how bad the footage looks; it was just his wrist that he couldn’t feel for 30 minutes after the fall.