5 Inspiring Things to Do in Southampton for Free

5 Inspiring activities to try whilst in Southampton . That are actually fun, free and prove there are actually things to do without spending a penny!


Who doesn’t love a bit of window shopping? It doesn’t matter what day of the week or weather. There is always enjoyment in having a wander around Southampton’s 90 stores in and around Westquay and Marlands. If you want to check out a shop with a bit of personality. Beatnik Emporium on Above Bar Street, is a great, quirky vintage store and worth a visit. 

Quirky, colourful vintage shop in Southampton. Inspiring Southampton free
Beatnik Emporium Vintage Store


Whether galleries are your thing or not, Southampton art gallery is a great place for inspiration. Due to hosting works that are both historical and also contemporary. Furthermore, there is also a strong focus on supporting local artists, which we at Carbon can certainly get behind!

Art gallery in Southampton, with contemporary art and women observing.
Inspiring Southampton free
Southampton Art Gallery


Going on a photoshoot with a friend is a great way to spend time out, without spending money. Southampton has lots of highly instagrammable areas. There is cool graffiti around the train station great for pictures. Additionally, skate parks, ocean village and even the old town walls can make for a fun background.

Students using a reflector and camera doing a photoshoot against a brick wall. Model wears denim.inspiring Southampton free
Carbon photoshoot Southampton


Although this may not sound the most exciting activity. On a nice weathered day Southampton Common is a pretty place to have a walk. It is a great place to clear your head during a stressful week, go for a walk away from the busy city or just to have a wander with friends.

A sunny park, Southampton Common, leaves are fallen
inspiring Southampton free
Southampton Common


Although not technically free (at £3 for 3 hours entry). Board in the City is still a very cheap place to spend an afternoon. The table top boardgame café has over 600 games. Great for getting competitive with friends, and with a number of different decorated room and reasonably priced food and drink. Why not give it a go! 

Outside of café Board in the City, yellow and purple paint.
inspiring Southampton free
Board in the City Café

Honourable mention… 

LIVE MUSIC– Southampton has an ever growing music scene. Enjoy some local music at the The Joiners, The Talking Heads or the Art House. Or make an event of it and see an artist at the 02 Guidhall- there is something for everyone. Furthermore, Switch has noteworthy DJ’s such as Rudimental, MK and Chase& Status playing over the next few weeks so certainly keep an eye out for new announcements!

Live music gig played in Southampton,main singer on guitar 
inspiring Southampton free
Southampton music event