8 No Fuss Indoor Plants

Spider plant in blue vase

We all want the aesthetic of having plants in our spaces, but don’t want the hassle that comes with being a plant mum. If you have black-thumbs these plants might just be perfect for you!

Spider Plant

1.SPIDER PLANT (ribbon plant)

One of the most common houseplants is the Spider plant, it can grow in almost any condition and doesn’t have any issues with being left alone. Whilst it may look intimidating to take care of because of all the leaves, it is one of the most hassle free plants you could get to add some green to your room.

WATER: when soil drys out SUN: window ledge DIFFICULTY:0/10



Under the vague name of cacti falls some of the EASIEST plants to care for. Requiring very little attention cacti thrive in direct sunlight and will even produce little flowers if the weather permits. Being the most popular first houseplant you would have to really neglect this plant to kill it.

WATER: once a month SUN: direct DIFFICULTY:0/10

3.NERVE PLANT (mosaic plant)

Nerve Plant

Native to South America the nerve plant is resilient against unpredictable climates. Which makes it the perfect plant for forgetful waterer’s. The leaves are insanely intricate and show each leafs internal vein structure, each one is different.

WATER: once a week SUN: indirect DIFFICULTY: 1/10

Peace Lily


If you are looking for a plant that has perfect white flowers all year round then the peace lily is perfect. Like all the plants on this list it’s extremely easy to take care of, and you can enjoy the aesthetic of always having flowers in your room.

WATER: once a week SUN: indirect DIFFICULTY:1/10

Snake plant


Snake plant care is super easy, being one of the most tolerant houseplants; like the cacti it can survive long periods without any attention. NASA research also shows that these handy plants clean the air in your room by removing toxins that other plants can’t. So along with the edgy architectural leaves the snake plant serves to spice up a room and cleanse it at the same time.

WATER: every few weeks SUN: indirect DIFFICULTY: 1/10

Chinese money plant

6. CHINESE MONEY PLANT (pancake plant)

Thought to bring good luck and prosperity to the owner of the plant why wouldn’t you get one for your space? The large circular leaves creates an interesting visual display which can reach 15cm in diameter. Easy to look after, although, leaves may turn brown if exposed to too much light.

WATER: once a week SUN: indirect/shade DIFFICULTY: 2.5/10

Yucca plant


Bound to impress anyone that comes over (post covid) the Yucca tree is the perfect conversation starter. Whilst it might look intimidating given its size, it is deceptively easy to look after. Pretty much drought resistant the tree needs little to no watering apart from in spring/summer when it should be watered bi-weekly.

WATER: every month SUN: strong direct sunlight DIFFICULTY: 0/10

Jade plant

8.JADE PLANT (money tree)

Like the Chinese money plant the jade plant also represents good fortunes. An unusual looking plant the rounded leaves and woody stems are similar to a Bonsai, however the key difference between the two is that jade plants are fairly easy to maintain. They require direct sunlight and watered when the surface soil layer dries out.

WATER: when needed SUN: direct DIFFICULTY: 3/10

By Rebecca Conroy

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