Africa’s Adventures!

If you haven’t been to Africa, it’s about time you pulled out you’re world map and plan a trip! Africa is a beautiful continent full of breathtaking attractions. The four ultimate bucket list destinations in Africa that everyone needs to go to are: Kenya, South Africa, Egypt and Morocco

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Where better to start off your African adventure than a safari holiday in Kenya. The country is best known for its safari tourism so if you’re someone that loves the wildlife, then this is the place for you!

The next place to visit on your bucket list is South Africa. The cultural diversity there is incredible. It has undeniably beautiful cities such as Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and many more. The scenery in South Africa is amazing! The country is very known for their luscious wine, their beaches and waterfalls and for being one of the worlds biggest producer of platinum.

Egypt should definitely be included on your bucket list. The country is very known for its ancient treasures and rich history. From amazing golden sand to remarkable architecture and beautiful pyramids, how can you not want to visit Egypt?.

Last but not least we have Morocco. Did you know that Morocco is the most popular country in Africa? Morocco has a bit of everything from beautiful deserts to mountains and beaches and delicious foods. The culture is unique and the prices are affordable.

So, if you ever have no idea where to go on your next holiday why not try going to one of these places, you will not be disappointed!

Written by Hema Dixons