All Things Italian

From riding gondolas to visiting chapels, Lauren Toms shares her favourite experiences from her trip to Venice and explains why you should go there too.

ST. MARK’S BASILICA, built in 1092, it remains one of the most important religious buildings in Italy.

“Easily the most renowned and famous buildings in Venice. There’s so much art and history to take in. Everywhere you look is picture worthy.”

LA MELA VERDE sits on the Rio di San Provolo Canal.

“Every corner you turn there’ll be a gelato stand! But the best gelato has to be at this artisanal shop we were told to go to by some friends.”

CANALE GRANDE is the largest canal in Venice, snaking through the centre of Venice.

“You can walk along section and admire the buildings or watch the water traffic. It’s so unique and beautiful unlike anything I’ve experienced at home.”