Best reads to get you through university

We know that when you are in university, things can get stressful and you can get easily overwhelmed. However, books should not only be connected to homework, but they can also be fun, give you another point of view and create a different reality, where you can escape from your daily work. 

To celebrate World Book Day, we prepared 4 books, that are perfect for the times, when you want to zone out and distract yourself from school work, but also each one of us can relate to the stories and get the advice we are looking for in our personal life.

1. “#Girlboss” by Sophia Amoruso

We start with one of our favourite picks – “#Girlboss”. It tells the story of the CEO of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso, who is struggling to find her own place in the world and don’t know where to start. At 22 years old, she drops out of school, doesn’t have any money to support herself and starts selling clothes on eBay. Today, she is the founder of one of the biggest fashion companies. She’s written “#Girlboss” for all the girls like her, who are not sure what to do with their future, but are determined to succeed and are seeking an unique path to success. It is a proof, that it doesn’t matter where you went to school or who your parents are. Every one of us can achieve great things with a little bit of faith, creativity and lots of hard work. We believe that all of us struggles sometimes, when it comes to our future plans and fulfilling them, but we also like to be independent and find our own way, which is why this book is so relatable. It is also super light and easy to read, so it is the perfect choice, when you want to relax after a busy day. 

2. “The subtle art of not giving a f**k” by Mark Manson

There is no doubt, that being in university can be very stressful. There is lots of homework, but most of us work as well, we create different projects out of school, some of us workout and play sports too, which can sometimes make us feel like we are not good enough and we can’t cope with everything. And there is social media, which basically reminds us everyday what is “normal” and what is “not”, shows us all of these successful celebrities and influencers, that look like they have their whole life together and lefts us self-doubting and wondering what is wrong with us.Mark Manson introduces you to a life, where you don’t have to worry about stuff like this and teaches us how to get rid of the delusional expectations we have for ourselves. But this book is so much more than just “the next book for self improvement”. Manson brings you the real talk, but fills it with entertaining stories and does it with so much humour, that we guarantee you will not be able to leave that book for a second. 

3. “The modern break-up” by Daniel Chidiac

We know, that being in a relationship can be sometimes stressful, but when you add university and other responsibilities on top, it can even become overwhelming. You are trying to balance between obligations and giving attention, showing love to your partner, but there are times, when things just don’t work out. If something like this happens, it is completely okay to feel sad and to give yourself a little bit of time to be alone, but it is so easy to fall into this trap of constant regret and depression, which can become a problem. We don’t want that, which is way “The modern break-up” is next in our best reads list. It tells different stories and explains all the situations possible, so it helps us get closure, when we didn’t get one or understand why things happened the way they did. It teaches us how to communicate and relate, not only with our partner, but with ourselves as well. So if you can’t stop thinking about that one stupid ex, who dumped you on New Years’ Eve or you just went through a breakup, this book would be the perfect one to pick from the shelf at the bookstore.

4. “1984” by George Orwell

We are finishing our list with something classic and a little bit more serious, when you first look at it, but we promise you, that it is nowhere near boring. The novel “1984” basically describes the world today, even though it is written more than 70 years ago, but in a more fun and easy to assimilate way. It make us really think about stuff we’ve never thought about before and gives us a behind-the-scenes look of the government and the world we live in. It it worth to be read, even only to be left mindblown by the numerous facts that concur with today’s reality. Society nowadays makes you believe what it wants you to believe in and it creates its own perception of what is wrong and what is right, when you should actually create your own understanding of life. The book dwells around that and can make even the toughest one of you bristle.

Have you ever read one of those books? Which are your favourite reads and what genre you prefer to read? We’d love to know so tell us what you think, using our social media accounts. 

Written by Anna-Maria Kancheva