Bringing the festival home with 8D audio

Whilst we’re all at home,  we ponder upon the new world of 8D. This brand new sound really does bring the party right to your home in a 4D typa-way. The new sound makes it much more immersive and surrounding, bringing the music to what really does feel like the outside of your headphones. It’ll make you think they’re really not plugged in! 

Many of your favourite people have tapped into this, like Defected and even Billie Ellish. 

Remixing their songs to fit the new 8D audio ways. This whole new way of sound really brings that rave to you. So get outside in the sunshine this weekend and bring the festival to you. Chuck in your headphones, and put on some 8D audio. It really will change the way you listen.

With all the festivals and events we had lined up cancelled *insert tears here*, this is the perfect way to make you feel like you’re still involved. The sound surrounds your ears in a much more spheric way rather than just left to right. This makes you feel like you’re there, and brings together music for your own personal experience. You have to use headphones, it is pretty wasted on a speaker.

To help you regain that festival like experience, we’ve put together an 8D playlist ready for you to listen to. But be ready, it is much better than you’re expecting. Bring the festival to you, and dance on this bank holiday weekend!

5.  Amine Edge – Good time

4. The weekend – Heartless

3. Camelphat – Cola

2. Billie Ellish – Everything I wanted 

  1. Adam Beyer – Your mind

Written by Yas Feasey