Concerts You Sure Don’t Want To Miss Out on!

Concerts are a great place to interact with people with the same interests as you, as well as seeing your favourite artists live and having fun. Concerts are a great way to escape the stress of work life and let’s be honest, we could all do with a bit of that. Not only do concerts provides the freedom of expressing yourself, but it allows you to have a bonding experience with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Finding the right concert to go to isn’t always easy, especially if your someone that has never been to one before so here’s a variety of upcoming concerts that will guarantee your satisfaction!

Concert dates in the uk
Saturday 5th March at Newcastle
Monday 7th march at Glasgow
Wednesday 24th August at Reading

Santan Dave

Dave is a well-known British rapper, singer/songwriter and is very known for his lyricism and wordplay. He is among the most recognised British rapper in the Uk. The reason why you will have a great time at his concerts is because he’s a very versatile artist, who says a lot of meaningful/truthful things in his lyrics making you want to listen to him more.

Dua lipa

If you’re someone that’s into pop music, then you definitely need to attend a Dua lipa concert. Her concerts are always choreographed well and she brings a 80s and 90s funk into her music which not a lot of artists be doing nowadays. She even had a concert where her dancers was seemed to be doing front flips in roller skates! Now that’s what you call a show!

Concert dates in the uk
Sunday 17th April at Birmingham
Wednesday 27th April at Cardiff
Tuesday 3rd May at the o2 in London
Concert dates in the uk
Saturday 5th March at the London o2
Saturday 12th March at Manchester


Davido is part of a generation of Afrobeat artists who have blown the African dance-pop genre onto the global stage over the last decade. He is known for his electric and energetic performances. He is also multi-talented in a number of fields which include being a pianist, music producer and songwriter. His shows are always full of life and he is such a versatile musician.

James Arthur

The reason why you need to go and see James Arthur is because of the good energy he brings out when performing. He has a great voice range and he also likes to showcase his amazing talent by playing his guitars on stages.

Concert dates in the uk
Saturday 5th March at Bournemouth
Wednesday 9th March at London
Friday 11th March at Cardiff
Concert dates in the uk
Thursday 24th March at Bournemouth
Sunday 27th March at the o2 in London
Wednesday 20th April at Cardiff


If you’re someone who enjoys listening to grime and hip-hop music, then you need to be at a Stormzy concert. He’s one of the biggest artists right now and not to mention lyrically talented. Stormzy really knows how to get the crowd hyped up during his performances. His unstoppable energy on stage will leave you wanting more.

Although concerts only last for a couple of hours, the memories you make will last a lifetime. So if you have not experienced the beauty of music yet, this is your sign to do so!

Written by hema dixons.