Isolation: Up-cycle your glass bottles

Découpage old glass bottles and transform them into something beautiful.

To put it simply, decoupage involves cutting out designs or imagery and gluing them to an object with layers of varnish, sometimes the finished object can look so beautiful that it looks like it could have been professionally painted. Once you have learnt the simple craft you can découpage anything! Yes anything! Such as vases, boxes, bowls, trays, photo frames, hangers and even mirrors. The idea is to give the object a new lease of life.

Découpage is also very popular around seasonal holidays, people often découpage eggs for Easter, and decorations around their house at Christmas time, making things more festive and that extra bit special.

Start by looking in your recycling bin for some old glass bottles. This is the perfect craft for you to pass time during this lock-down. Want to become a creative genius this lock-down? Start by making your own decoupage vase below:

How to make a découpage glass vase:

You will need:
Patterned tissue paper/printed napkins
PVA glue and a brush
Clean glass bottle

1. Cut out designs from the printed tissue paper or napkins.
2. Apply the designs using the glue and brush to the front of your bottles, smoothing them down to ensure the design is stuck completely to the glass. The paper can tear easily once damp so be gentle!
3.  Build up the design by adding more tissue paper or napkins. Leave to dry and then fill the bottle with water and some fresh flowers.

We want to see what you come up with.
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