Elena’s Sightseeing Guide for Bulgaria


Summer is here, and a lot of us need a well-deserved break – after a year of lockdowns, restrictions, and lots more that’s been on the way…. you’re probably thinking of resting or going someplace pleasant for a vacation. If you’re thinking of travelling somewhere abroad, and still haven’t quite figured out where – Bulgaria can be the perfect choice for treating yourself right during the summer.

This article will help you with your choice by showing you one of the most beautiful places Bulgaria has to offer.

Rila Mountains

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet amongst nature, Rila’s beautiful mountains might be just the right place for you. Here is located the highest peak in Bulgaria and the Balkans called Musala with a height of 2925 meters. Furthermore, there are various routes could lead you to explore different huts, lakes, and numerous beautifully painted landscapes.

“Seven Rila lakes”
You might have heard of the stunning ‘Seven Rila Lakes’ – one of the greatest landmarks of Bulgaria. Each lake is named according to its shape, like ‘Twin Lake’ or ‘The Kidney Lake’.
Rila monastery ‘Saint Ivan Rilski’ is another spectacular landmark, part of the cultural organization’s heritage – UNESCO.

7 Rila Lakes
Seven Rila Lakes


Sofia – the capital city of Bulgaria. Many tourists from around to world come here to see everything that Sofia can offer. You can visit plenty of places in the youthful city – from museums, galleries, and monuments, to restaurants, events, or nightlife activities.

“Free Sofia Tour” is one of the best tours you can take whilst you’re in Sofia. Led by local guides, the tour is covering the most known landmarks in the capital over a 2-hour entertaining walk. Whilst you educate yourself with Sofia’s history, the guides make sure you’re also having fun. So, this really is a win-win situation for you.
“The red flat” is a typical Bulgarian communist apartment, located in the heart of Sofia. The apartment will let you touch on the everyday life of Bulgarians during the Cold war. Full of many stories, and authentic interior, you will be able to relive the life of the 1980’s just by entering.

Sofia center

The coast

Bulgaria’s seaside is very charming, full of beautiful sea views and beaches.

Tyulenovo and Kamen Bryag
They are both Seaside small villages, located on the north coast of Bulgaria’s black sea. With their rocky shores and lucid blue waters, you can enjoy the picturesque views. Meanwhile – reading a book in your friends’ company and listen to some good music. If you’re looking for quietness, the villages are calm and free from noise, except the one from the sea waves, which makes it the perfect place for beach relaxation!


Ancient Sozopol is a town, located on the southern coast of the Bulgarian Black Sea. It’s one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria, with one of the oldest cobbled streets, ruins, and beautiful houses built from stone and wood. Its magical atmosphere will make you feel like you’ve travelled back in time. If the beaches there are too crowded for you, you can always visit one of the close camps like “Offshore Camp”, “Goldfish” or “Gradina”.