Everything you need to know about Netflix’s The Stranger

All the gossip on the gripping series that has everyone hooked – minus the spoilers! 

From Instagram to Twitter The Stranger has been trending ever since it became available on Netflix in January and has quickly become one of the top ten most popular shows.  

If you’re only just jumping on the band waggon, here’s everything you need to know about the 8-part series. 

What is The Stranger about? 
The Stranger is based on the novel by Harlan Coben, and follows Adam Price, a father of two and happily married man whose life turns upside down when a stranger lets him in on a secret. Cue loaaaaads of trouble.  

Adam and Corrine Price appear to have the perfect marriage. A lovely house, two sons and great friends but will their idea of perfect disappear when The Stranger, whose identity isn’t known to anyone confides in Adam about his wife’s deepest darkest secret.  

The reveal unravels a chain reaction of events throughout the series and Adam may not be the only on to be told a secret by The Stranger. It is safe to say that there are a lot of twists in this series without spoiling the storyline for you.   

Where is the series set? 
The Stranger is set in the North of England – in contrast to the original novel by Harlan Coben which is set in America. In the book The Stranger exposes secrets all over the country but in the Netflix series The Stranger exposes secrets in a small town.  

Who is in The Stranger? 
Thought you recognised the lead character? Adam Price is played by Richard Armitage who has also starred in The Hobbit as Thorin Oakenshield and Captain America as Heinz Kruger.   

Another huge name in this serious is Siobhan Finneran, she plays the town’s police detective and may have also been seen by you in Downton Abbey or Happy Valley. Her character plays a key part in the investigation of the town when things start changing for the worst. Will she out smart The Stranger? Or will her job become too much to handle. 

In the series, comedy legend Jennifer Saunders who is famous for Absolutely Fabulous plays Heidi Doyle who is a mother to a teen girl at college. She is also best friends with the towns police detective. But could she be carrying a secret?  

The rest of the cast include, Dervla Kirwan as Adam’s wife Corrine Price, Shaun Dooley as Adam’s neighbour and friend. Anthony Head as Adam’s father and of course, Hannah John-Kamen as The Stranger.  

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All episodes of The Stranger are currently available to watch on Netflix. Need more convincing? Watch the trailer here

By Laura Hale