Gender inequality: 5 videos that will help you to really understand the issue, for both women and men

We are living in a society that is far different from what it used to be 100 years ago, or at least it is trying to be. Still, the issue of gender inequality remains to this day. Although the majority of people are familiar with the topic not a lot understands its core. Therefore, we have prepared 5 videos that will give you an insight to the problem.

1. Michael Kimmel, Why gender equality is good for everyone – men included, TED Talk

As the title says, this video is talking about why gender equality is important for both women and men. It explains how making female rights equal is helping men to get a happier life too. It also touched the topic of toxic masculinity and how that affects the matter.

2. What stands in the way of women being equal to men?, BBC News

This 43 minutes long document focuses on 4 young women from different environments. It shows different points of views on how they should be treated as females, commented not only by them but also by their families and friends.

3. Emma Watson at the HeForShe Campaign 2014, United Nations

In this speech, Emma Watson explains what it feels like to be feminist in the modern world and the importantence of understanding the term. She also addresses the problem of gender inequality from men’s perspective.

4. When will we reach gender equality?, Harvard Business Review

How are females viewed in a working environment? How long will it take for them to get the same pay as men? This video answers all the questions about women’s position in the working system.

5. Stuff we never talk about: 10 Questions to gender equality, Cut

In this video we get to hear fathers and sons from all around the world discussing their opinions on gender equality. Although their answers aren’t based on academic research, they reflect what the gender inequality really looks like in our society.

Written by Michaela Piontková