Get Your Culture On In Malta

The popularity of Malta as a tourist destination has been growing for the past decade with more and more people wanting to get away to the hot island known for its historical architecture, filmesque beaches and tourist-friendly locals.
With covid-19 restrictions lifting, why not get your culture on take a look at what you could get up to in Malta this new year…



Starting off this list of places to visit is Valletta. Valletta is the capital city of the small island and is normally the number one stop for tourists. Valletta is a great place for shopping with multiple shopping centres containing shops for everybody from speciality coffee shops to clothing stores. The capital of Malta is, fittingly, filled with plenty of museums that showcase the history of Malta – from the Toy Museum to the Art Galleries, Valletta has a museum for everybody.

Mdina :


Mdina, nicknamed as ‘the silent city’, is a culturally rich city in Malta with historical architecture that still stands to this day back from when it was the capital city of the island. The ‘Silent City’ is named this way for the fact that it encourages silence. Mdina allows very few cars through it, urges business to keep to noise regulations as well as having signs around the city that encourage silence. If you’re looking for a quiet and sophisticated day in Malta, look no further than Mdina. A good place to start in this city is a small museum named “Tales of the silent city” – This museum contains paintings of key events within the old capital from medieval times all the way up until world war 2.

Golden Bay Beach:

Golden Bay Beach

One of the main reasons that tourists come to Malta is to soak in the sun on one of Malta’s many golden beaches. The Golden Bay Beach is, for this reason, a very popular spot. If you’re looking to spend a day relaxing, look no further than the Golden Bay, with its beautiful blue waters and picturesque sand. The Golden Bay Beach is often seen as one of the best beaches along Malta’s coast and is situated in Mellieħa.

Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum:

The Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum

Last on our list is the Hypogeum located in Paola. The Hypogeum is an old sanctuary beneath the surface with over 7,000 human remains documented to have been found by archaeologists. The Hypogeum here dates back to as early as 4000 BC and is therefor one of the oldest structures in Malta. You can book guided tours of this ancient structure that are English spoken and tourist friendly. While this may be the most creepiest place on the list, it is definitely worth the experience to look at the ways ancient civilisations built their structures and how they honoured the dead.

  • by Oliver Iles