Hairstyles Originated From Black Culture

October is a month that honours all the accomplishments achieved by black people. We call this month ‘Black History Month’. Popular trends we know today actually came from black culture.

Hairstyles plays a big part in black culture. Did you know that the evolution of hairstyles that came from black people impacted on society back then through time to tell a story within itself, a story that speaks volumes about the black experience and identity? Hairstyles like afro, braids, twists and dreadlocks were used to symbolise a person’s tribe, social status and family background.

Some hairstyles we know today serve a purpose more than others, for instance a wig. Wearing wigs has grown in popularity because of the desires people have to change their hairstyle as a way to reflect their own individuality. Also, it protects the natural hair underneath the wig and literally gives your natural hair a break. Many other braided looks, are classified as “the protective” styles.

In a constantly changing world that we experience in todays society, everyone has their own rights to pick what hairstyle that they think suits their needs!

Written by Hema Dixons