Your zodiac sign might not be what you think it is, here’s why

NASA added a new star sign and it changes everything

NASA just dropped a bombshell in the form of Ophiuchus and it’s a crisis for everyone’s zodiac identities. Confused? Let us explain!

Zodiac signs were originally determined by which star constellation the Sun was in on the day we were born, but constellations have since drifted and the sky has changed. NASA confirmed that the sky is totally different now to how it was when the 12 zodiac signs were first invented 3000 years ago and the sky has shifted because of the Earth’s axis not pointing in quite the same direction…

What this means for us

This means that some of us may have been reading the wrong horoscope this whole time. Some feisty-but-proud Leos have now become Cancers, Taurus babies have become Aries, Pisces have found out they’re actually Aquarius and so on. The world of astrology has been turned upside down!

The big part of the revelation (that’s causing all this horoscope mayhem) is the emergence of a 13th zodiac sign- here enters Ophiuchus! Ophiuchus is “a large constellation straddling the celestial equator.” That might not mean much to you (it definitely went over our heads) so let’s get into the important details.

What you need to know

The dates for Ophiuchus are November 29th- December 17th and the characteristics are supposed to be similar to those of Sagittarius; honest, adventurous, optimistic, independent and philosophical but Ophiuchus are also described as ‘healers and light-bearers’ and curious and passionate.

This new emergence has caused a shift in dates for the 12 original zodiac signs and this is where the identity crisis begins… Check out the dates below to see if your star sign has changed, find out your new character traits if it has and then let us know on Instagram (@carbononcampus) what you think of this new star sign system!

The new star sign dates

Capricorn: 20th January- 16th February

Aquarius: 16th February- 11th March

Pisces: 11th March- 18th April

Aries: 18th April- 13th May

Taurus: 13th May- 21st June

Gemini: 21st June- 20th July

Cancer: 20th July- 10th August

Leo: 10th August- 16th September

Virgo: 16th September- 30th October

Libra: 30th October- 23rd November

Scorpio: 23rd November- 29th November

Ophiuchus: 29th November- 17th December

Sagittarius: 17th December- 20th January


Capricorn: Ambitious, persistent, realistic, sensitive, practical and disciplined

Aquarius: Assertive, analytical, original, humanitarian, independent and easy going

Pisces: Empathetic. mystical, romantic, impressionable, imaginative and pleasure-seeking

Aries: Passionate, motivated, confident and honest

Taurus: Reliable, patient, practical, devoted and responsible

Gemini: Adaptable, outgoing, intelligent and social

Cancer: Loyal, protective, intuitive, caring and sensitive

Leo: Consistent, loyal, affectionate, ambitious and generous

Virgo: Strong, cheerful, perfectionist, observant and sensitive

Libra: Charming, well-balanced, sociable and rational

Scorpio: Determined, brave, ambitious and honest

Ophiuchus: Curious, open to change, passionate and humorous

Sagittarius: Honest, adventurous, optimistic, independent and philosophical

Written by Sophie Corderoy