How Shang-Chi Beautifully Represents Chinese Culture

Shang-Chi, fully known as Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings. Is the newest marvel movie to date which topped the box office with a whopping over £16 million in its first weekend from release. The movie premiered early September gaining huge amounts of popularity from Asain fans as Shang-Chi would be the first Marvel asain superhero lead to hit the big screen. Shang-Chi is another precious hit cinema movie for Asain people in the cinema following after its predecessor Crazy Rich Asians which came out summer of 2018.

The movie did a superb job of beautifully representng Chinese culture through wall art, scenery, costumes, dragons and martial arts.

The wall art displayed in this scene was absolutely beautiful with the ancient Chinese art.

The scenery in this scene was breathtaking, also the white animal you see there is the white nine tailed fox. A mythical fox entity originating from Chinese mythology.

The water dragon that was the protectant in the movie was so beautiful with its white and red skin. The underwater shot of when we first see the dragon is both terrifying and beautiful.

The martial arts and fight scenes in this movie were a ten out of ten with some fight moves that looked like gentle choreography and others very cool and entertaining to watch. The different fighting skils each character had was very thorough and enjoyable to watch.

More and more people are still rushing to the cinema to watch the amazing movie now and hopefully it grows even more than from now until it remains in cinemas this year.

Written by Sonia Osuji