How to find hidden gems while travelling

With lockdowns being lifted and freedom being gained back, the world is really coming to terms with getting to travel again. However, it does mean that those places that were so popular are going to be overcrowded once again. There’s always the appeal of them but sometimes you’d be doing yourself more of a favour if you explore the lesser known places.

Sometimes it’s not as simple as just being told to go somewhere. Sometimes when a hidden gem is revealed, it doesn’t become so hidden. Meaning you want to find somewhere that feels a little less known and not as busy. So we’ve gathered some tips to help you find a place that you might have gone without seeing otherwise.

Don’t be scared

Obviously always be cautious when you’re in unfamiliar surroundings. You may not know an amazing place when you find it, but you also may not know a dangerous place. However, don’t hold yourself back from going down a street that looks interesting but maybe not as busy or it isn’t a place that you’ve heard of. This could be the exact place where you find your favourite café, or a secret garden. Maybe even somewhere that is thought to be a secret in itself.

Trust influencers

If you follow influencers who live in the places that you’re travelling to then maybe give their page a bit of a stalk before you get there or even when you’re there. It’s very likely you’ll stumble upon a post of them in a place that they know purely from living in the area. Rarely would they post a picture that isn’t worth sharing so you know it’s going to be a good place to visit. Not to mention a lot of the time they get exclusive access to new and amazing places that you’d otherwise not even give thought to. If you follow the right person there’s an honest review to accompany their promotion of wherever they’ve went and recommend.

Friendly advice

Sometimes it can be easy to overlook when a friend or family member suggests you visit somewhere. After all there’s always one person in our lives who immediately claims to be an expert on an area the moment you’re going to visit it. But don’t always be so doubtful that they might actually know what they’re talking about. If they have been a frequent tourist in a specific place then listening to them could just really pay off in your favour. 

Explore one place at a time

There’s a lot of different places in one city that seem like they’re in a different country. Never mind within a few miles of another place that’s completely different but in the same city. Especially in places like London, Paris and New York Giving time to one part of a city and not ignoring the narrow overlooked streets. This is how people came to discover all sorts of niche places that give amazing memories for you to look back on. 

Research before travelling

It might sound draining but if you’re someone who likes to plan out what they do through each day during a trip. Researching places to go through websites like Yelp where you can also look at reviews of whether they’re worth going. Even googling cafes, gardens and exhibitions that are in the area can lead to some amazing experiences that you might’ve missed out on otherwise. Some might even go as far as going on Google maps street view and looking around to spot somewhere close to a main attraction as a place to visit before or after just to fill in empty gaps during the day.

These are just a few tips to give you an amazing experience which is different from your average tourists trip. There’s no shame in seeing the mainstream attraction because they’re popular for a reason. But finding the hidden away places are always just an addition that doesn’t go a miss. 

By Jasmin Fee