How to go Green without looking like a Leprechaun: Styling Guide

It’s almost St Patrick’s Day, and what better way to celebrate then using the event to style your outfit, with our simplistic styling guide rather than dressing as a mischievous little ginger bearded man wearing a full outfit of green, with a top hat hiding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!


Without wearing the iconic green topcoat with its shamrock details, why not try a oversized green Panama hat with a leather jacket and boots, an almost autumn feel but stylish way to bring in a dash of green for March.

Festive Hats @alissakmorrison – Instagram


Whilst March is still a chilly spring month, why not go for a practical stylish green component in your outfit. Wearing a long oversized coat, with matching green or black trousers with an oversized black bag and sunglasses, creating a classy yet simplistic styled look.

Long Coat @Daniella_Andonova – Instagram


You might rather go fully for a inspired outfit by wearing nothing else than green. Why not try a matching green co-ord outfit with tied up heels and a matching green bag to match. A stylish outfit without being too overly powered by the green invasion!

Use of Green @touchdolls – Instagram


There might be a stylish, dress coded event where you might want to use the Emerald isle’s holiday as an inspiration. With simplistic ballgowns with matching gloves, dresses draped with feathers or an over-glammed sequinned fitted low cut design, all can show a strong reference to the event.

Glitz @thecatwalkitalia – Instagram


Using green as an inspiration can be used in different ways, it can be used to to create a neutral, subtle colour palette or a strong, bold statement look. You could simply use a khaki bomber jacket with a crop top and jeans or for a statement go for a neon, bright green look with bold patterns seeping through

Neutral Vs. Bold @_mmaxinewylde – Instagram


Rather than choosing an outfit to fit the green colour scheme, why not try a neutral palleted outfit with a green handbag to accompany the look. A subtle but stylish way to bring the colour into an outfit.

Accessorize @leavanmullem – Instagram


Who thought you can only use influence on your fashion choices, why not make a statement by using the event to influence your makeup and hair design choices, specifically greens and golds to create a bold look!

Forget Fashion, Focus Hair/Makeup @miriammelonn – Instagram

These simple styling tips will bring you the Luck of the Irish!

Written by Lucie Kyle