Let’s cancel, cancel culture.

Cancel culture started with the general public calling out celebrities and influencers for their problematic and offensive behaviour, but in recent years it has turned into a way for these people to bring each other down in an attempt to make themselves look better. 

Jesy Nelson has recently been called out for blackfishing, to which she made a statement about the accusations with no apology causing more anger towards her. Blackfishing has increased over the years, and Jesy has a lot of influence over her fan base of young girls; this influence is currently teaching these young girls that blackfishing is okay. It’s right that Jesy should be called out, but should she be cancelled over it? 

Jesy Nelson in her new music video.

Sometimes blame is wrongfully placed. 

For example, there is a lot of discussion raised, once again, around Harry Styles’ December 2020 Vogue cover. Billy Porter has recently spoken out and claimed that Harry was the wrong person to be the first man on the cover of Vogue, especially in a dress and feels that he should have been the one to do so. This has led to a slight incline of hate towards Styles as the majority of the general public see him as a straight man; although, a lot of fans believe this is not the case due to his clever wording during interviews and concerts. 

Harry Styles in the custom Gucci dress he wore on the cover of Vogue.

No one is going to turn down the cover of Vogue, especially if it’s in clothing they typically like wearing and if it’s conveying a message they’ve worked on putting out for the last five years. Porter was wrong to call out Harry individually and instead should have called out Vogue for their casting, especially since he actively and publicly supported Harry against Candace Owen’s rude remarks in December 2020 and January 2021. 

It’s time to cancel, cancel culture. Do you agree?

Emma Bell