Local spotlight: Tattoo Artists

As we swiftly approach the holiday season, the most memorable gifts are often ones you wouldn’t necessarily think of straight away – such as a tattoo. What’s more memorable than something that will literally stay with you forever?
However, if you are thinking of gifting someone with a tattoo, it’s extremely important to find a reliable and trustworthy artist (otherwise you may be partly responsible for a very regrettable life decision).
Here are some of the most unique and talented tattooists in the Southeast:

Cloudy (@silvercloud.tattoo)


Cloudy can be found tattooing at Bournemouth’s Forever and Ever Tattoo Shop. Her portfolio of work is diverse and tattoos in a wide range of styles, perfect for someone who wants a tattoo but can’t make up their mind what they actually want it to look like.

Charlie King (@CharlieKing2000)


King and Delarge are part of a brand new artist collective that goes by the name of Odd Luck Tattoo. Priding itself on being a safe, inclusive private studio, Odd Luck is a creative space perfect for those wanting to get their first tattoo, or if you want to add more to your collection. With six resident artists, there are plenty of talented people to choose from all with their own unique style. So whether you prefer more intricate and decorative tatts or delicate line work and shading you’ll leave satisfied.

Jonah Slater (@jonahslater)


Jonah Slater’s style of tattoo is amazingly unique. Each piece whether custom or flash is consistently intricate with a high level of detail, which explains why he is so sought after and can be found visiting up and down the country. If you know someone with a more alternative taste, Slater is definitely an artist to be considered.

Amy Delarge (@delargetattoos)


Tosca Honey (@tattoosca)


Tosca Honey’s tattoos are whimsical, the fine lines and otherworldly nature of her designs truly exemplifies the idea of divine femininity. If you happen to know someone who might not be so keen on the idea of tattoos, she also happens to sell prints of her designs which would also make an excellent gift.

Rosa Macvicar