Netflix?!? Completed it mate

Too Hot to Handle, is bound to fill the shoes of ‘Love Island’, which has been on our screens since 2015. Providing us 7 seasons of juicy reality television. That we all love! Even if it is a bit of a guilty pleasure. Along with Netflix’s new series ‘Love Is Blind’ which proved to be popular. In fact, so popular that they are running two more seasons.

‘Too Hot to Handle’ invites ten singletons from all over the world to mingle in a seaside paradise! However, we can expect some twists along the way, this is reality television after all! The shows description reads ‘they [the singletons] think this will be the most exotic and erotic summer of their lives’. Could they be wrong? Of course, they are.

Would you be able to keep your paws to yourself to win the $100,000? That is essentially the idea behind the show. The show is ironically coming to our screens amid a global pandemic in which the most effective way of preventing illness is keeping away from other people.

In the show the singletons have to ‘give up all hanky panky for the entire retreat’ which means ‘No kissing, no heavy petting and no self-gratification of any kind’. If the singletons fail to stick to these rules the prize money goes down with every slip up!  

Netflix have been overly secret about this new dating show. They have only just released the trailer this month, which can be found and watched here: Trailer

‘Too Hot to Handle’ drops April 17th, which is only a short few days away, time to say goodbye to our boredom and hello to some real entertainment!