The best holidays based on your style preference

It’s coming to that time of the year where you’re probably planning your holiday destinations. With so many places to go, the decision could be a bit tricky. Fear not, since we’ve created a list of the most ideal places to go based on your style preference. This way you can feel your best in the city that compliments you the most.

Cool and Quirky

Would you describe your style as spontaneous and a bit quirky? If so, Tokyo is the place for you. Here you can hit the cyber cafes in graphic prints and multicoloured clothing, ranging from checkered mini skirts to oversized hoodies. Be sure to accessories with statement jewelry pieces and colourful hair dye. The nightlife in Tokyo is amazing as you can dress up and visit all of the Japanese restaurants and bars or wander along the brightly lit up streets whilst snapping away.  

Laid Back: Boho

If you have a boho beachy style you would enjoy Mykonos, which is famous for its beach party atmosphere. Here you can wear your favourite two piece along with a pair of espadrilles, whilst you taste the Greek cuisine and tour the amazing beaches. At Mykonos you’ll find world famous DJ’s headlining at superclubs and celebrities lounging on the private yachts or dining at gourmet restaurants. So make sure you dress to impress as you never know who you could bump into!

Hopeless Romantic: Cute and Chic

If your wardrobe is full of neutral colours such as beige and cream, Paris would be the place for you. The city of love is an unbeatable photoshoot destination where you can pose underneath the Eiffel tower and eat macaroons all day. The ideal accessories for walking down the streets of Paris would be a cute baker boy hat or a trendy miniature bag. 

Being one of the capitals of fashion, Paris appreciates a good outfit. Therefore you’ll feel your best strutting around in stilettos or a smart pair of loafers. 

Fierce and Fiery: Senorita 

Can you pull off a wide brim hat with a floaty dress? Then Madrid would suit your preferences. You can dance the night away here wearing anything bardot styled and flared trousers in colours like fiery red and vibrant yellow. There is an endless list of things to do in Madrid such as roaming the city’s pavements and squares that tend to be packed with bars and restaurants during the summer or visiting Santiago Bernabeu Stadium where Real Madrid play.

You make the rules: Edgy

Do you swear by your trusty leather jacket? If so, Amsterdam would be ideal for you. Here you can be a bit edgy in your ripped jeans and cropped tops but don’t forget to wrap up if you’re visiting their ice bars! There are over 800,000 bicycles in Amsterdam, so make sure you do a bike ride! Cycling is a way of life in Amsterdam, made easier by the city’s network of cycle routes and flat landscapes. There are also many different canal cruises options such as hop-on hop-off  sightseeing tours to candlelit night time cruises with food and wine.

Tanzeela Rahman