The Fashion Moment: The hidden meanings behind the trendiest tattoos

The smallest things can have the biggest meanings!

Tattoos are always a controversial topic, and are used by people to express emotions and their personalities. Sometimes the smallest tattoo or the most random design can have the deepest meanings.We have chosen the top 6 of the current trending tattoos with a further meaning than meets the eye.

Semicolon Tattoo – PINTEREST


The semicolon represents a pause in a sentence, but it does not end. Life can sometimes feel as though it has stopped, yet you choose to continue. The symbol has become popularised by the anti-suicide campaign Project Semicolon, it is used as a badge of honour. It gives those a reminder to march on and conquer any obstacle in life.

Three Dots Tattoo – PINTEREST


The three dots indicate “my crazy life” – it is a tattoo based on one’s lifestyle. It is most commonly found on a person’s hands or around their eyes ( preferably no the outer corner).


3. OM

The Om symbol symbolises protection. The line moving up and down symbolises the beginning and end of life. The entire symbol stands for the source of life for the universe

Birds Tattoo – PINTEREST


Birds are a popular tattoo to express a sense of freedom, peace and good fortune. It visualises the saying ‘as free as a bird’. Strongly suggests a higher understanding and spiritual relationship with other realities, especially with nature.

Wings Tattoo – PINTEREST


The wings symbolises spirituality and inspiration. Sometimes used to reflect the power of an eagle of the lightness of a butterfly. Sometimes used to represent the death of a loved one, in the form of angel wings.

Teardrop Tattoo – PINTEREST


The teardrop tattoo is well-known to signify that someone had committed a murder or any crime. An unfilled tear usually symbolises the death of a loved one, whereas a opaque tear might symbolises the death may have been avenged, a common tattoo found in prisons.

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