The legacy of POP SMOKE

On the 21 February the rep scene lost one of the hottest up and coming artists to grace the rap scene in years. Pop Smoke was set to become one of the biggest artists of current time. The New York born rapper combined rap with drill which is rarely seen from a US rapper mainly based on the fact that drill music is one of the hottest kinds of rap coming from UK artists.

The rapper who only started making music in 2018 already had a number of hits to his name and for his legacy to be cut short it’s easy to say his music is only going to be living on and celebrated all over the world. Hits like Welcome to the party which was his first major hit taken off his debut ep has already received major success peaking at number 5 on the US billboard charts. This song then had two remix versions made with a US and UK version, Nicki Minaj hopped on the US version while Skepta hopped on the UK version. Pop Smoke also had a big success with his song DIOR which was taken off Meet the woo vol 1 this song was then later to be remixed featuring Atlanta rapper Gunna and feature on his first official album Meet The Woo 2. He released Meet The Woo 2 on February 7 just weeks before the death of the rapper, the album featured a number of hit songs including shake the room and Christopher Walking the album also featured a number of features including Quavo, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Lil Tjay. A deluxe version released 5 days after the releases of the original album, this version featured 3 extra songs Wolves, Dior remix and Like me and featured NAV, Gunna and PnB Rock.

Album cover for meet the woo 2

Pop smokes music showed off lifestyle the artist lived with the rapper constantly talking about high end fashion brands, cars, girls, drugs and weapons. The rapper had a number of issues with police including the robbery of a Rolls Royce Wraith, the artist has the number plate changed aswell as changing a number of features to the car and the day of his arrest was bailed out for $250,000. He also had other runnings with drug dealing and all this is influenced by the way the artist was living. Pop Smoke originally had a scholarship to play basketball but this was then soon ruined by a heart condition the rapper had picked up which then would mean the rapper would be benched for most games, this was then when the rapper got into the gang scene and soon after the rap scene

Pop Smoke at Paris Fashion Week

Pop Smoke had grabbed the attention by a number of rappers but in particular Travis Scott had and gave a lot of the time with Pop Smoke working very closely to Travis’s label Cactus Jack and then jumping on the song GATTI taken off the Jackboys album this song has already had major success with large amounts of people saying this song will be living on through generations and it’ll leave its mark in the rap scene, Travis Scott has already previewed more music featuring the rapper. Another rapper who Pop Smoke grabbed the attention of was 50 Cent, 50 Cent has vowed to finish Pop Smoke’s career mentioning on a Instagram post stating “I’m on the move listening to Pop Smoke, I decided I’m gonna executive produce and finish his album for him. This also means we are certain to be getting more music from the rapper and add even more success to the rappers name.