The Rise of Abode

“On 3rd May 2019 ABODE hosts ABODE IN THE PARK in Southampton for the first time ever.” “tiSouthampton for the first time ever.

House and techno is coming to take over Southampton this summer as Abode In The Park comes to the city. Abode is all about having a good time partying through the day and night, and where better  place for a boogie than in the heart of our city. 

In his teenage years, Abode founder Kai Cant was a club rep travelling across Europe organising and promoting parties for Brit’s abroad, who then went onto  living as an investment banker in Canary Wharf. However, this glamourous lifestyle took a turn for the worst after the investment company went bust and Kai’s family lost everything.

Kai decided to turn to his previous love of promoting and partying and  wanted to find a place to host his own parties. One venue that stood out to him was Studio 338 located in Central London, after visiting the venue many times. He loved the firm door policy 338 stand by, keeping the right crowd in and the wrong crowd out, as well as it’s unique and modren feel and dcor. Kai approached the venue about his idea on multiple occasions andafter lots of persistence they agreed to host. September 2014 was the start of an evolving sound in London. 

”We were looking down the back of the sofa for money, that’s how bad it was.”

Abode is described as ‘a real industry hangout’ as Studio 338’s world-class terrace and many other venue’s around the country display sounds from various house and techno artists, being the main difference between any standard day party rave. At the events there are selected resident DJ’s (friends of Kai) and secret guests including big names such as Patrick Topping. The resident DJ’s are upcoming artists, as some are beginning to release their own music. Resident GW Harrison now has over 50K monthly listeners on Spotify, as well as three hit singles ‘When House Takes a Journey’, ‘Spaceman’ and ‘I Make You Go’. 

Abode has grown massively over the past 4 years, hosting events at some of the biggest party venues in the world. In August of this year, Thursdays at the famous Amnesia club in Ibiza are to be  taken over by Abode for the second year running with different residents playing every week. ‘Abode On The Rock’ festival in Gozo, Malta was also a huge hit for the past two summers, with a non-stop weekend of villa and boat parties. 

With all of the success, Kai created ‘The Abode Project’. 

He wanted to give back to communities in need from all of the proceeds made through various Abode events. 

The aim of the project has been to build orphanages, schools and places of help and need around Uganda, giving many young kids and adults a better life. 

For example, abode has already helped raise thousands of pounds over the years, which helped build The Abode Project School and Orphanage, a place of education, shelter, opportunity, security, humility and unity. Still to this day people continue to donate and support the project, with abode continually creating and hosting events to raise money. 

Four years down the line, this is just the beginning for Abode. On 3rd May 2019 ABODE hosts ABODE IN THE PARK in Southampton for the first ever time. The event is a day long festival, featuring huge names such as SOLARDO and   ANDREA OLIVA to keep you dancing all night long. The festival will take place in Hogland’s Park, right in the centre of Southampton, along with after parties around the city in club venue’s such as Switch and Rebel.

Words:Chloe Gill Design:Chloe Gill&Lottie Griffiths Images:Tom Smith