The ultimate guide for the perfect spring picnic!

With spring well and truly in bloom, what better way to celebrate restrictions being lifted than to have a socially distanced picnic with your loved ones. March 29th is just around the corner and we’re here to give you the top tips for the most aesthetically pleasing spring picnic!

Location, location, location!

Parks are the most authentic location for a spring picnic. You’ll be surrounded by nature and greenery, creating a traditional picnic vibe. Your local park is an easily accessible and relaxing location to organise your picnic. Although, if you are lucky enough to live near the sea, you can venture to your closest beach or docks and choose an ocean setting to enjoy your day with your friends. If you do not live near a park or the sea, not to worry! Your back/front garden will serve as a just as beautiful location for your picnic, and you won’t have to worry about your food getting spoiled on the journey!

Good food = Good mood!

Cake – A staple piece in any good TikTok picnic video. You’ll most likely have seen the trend of ditching the plates for glasses to eat your cake out of… and we’re here for it! Be sure to grab yourself a cake from your local bakery or supermarket before setting off for your picnic. Better yet, you can make one at home and decorate it to ensure it’s suited for spring! You can check out inspiration for cake designs on Pinterest.

Mochi – Little moons are all the craze at the moment, if you’re one of the lucky ones who finds a box in store… be sure to grab it! However, if they’re sold out, there are a ton of recipes online that teach you how to make your own mochi at home. The best part of homemade Mochi is that you can create any flavour your heart desires! Be sure to check out our ‘How to make Mochi at home’ TikTok video, coming out on April 10th!

Fruit – Strawberries, bananas, oranges, raspberries, mangos… whatever you want! Fruit is the most refreshing food that is sure to please all of your picnic guests. We recommend creating a rainbow coloured fruit platter to make the most of the healthy snack (you could also pack some melted chocolate for dipping… we won’t tell if you won’t…)

Pastries, bread & cheese – Carbs are your friend, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! From croissants and pan-au-chocolates to doughnuts and macarons – every picnic needs pastries. Go to your local supermarket or bakery and grab the essentials, or better yet, make your own. There’s nothing better than a cheese, cracker and grape platter to pull together your picnic, you’ll feel as though you’ve been whisked off to Italy!

Activities to terminate the boredom!

Picture frame/canvas painting – Painting has to be one of the most relaxing and aesthetically pleasing activities out there. Whether you want to unleash your inner artist with a canvas painting, or just create something simple following the new picture frame painting trend on TikTok! You’ll be sure to have an amazing time under the sun with your friends, you can even share your designs with each other at the end or save it for yourself.

Jewellery making – Everyone is making their own DIY jewellery right now, from clay designs to the traditional methods of beads and thread. Enjoy your picnic whilst making jewellery for yourself or your loved ones. Be sure to check out Pinterest boards for design ideas and TikTok for endless tutorials and inspiration.

Reading – There’s no better time to curl up with a good book than when you’re with friends in the park! Whether you’re part of a book club or there’s a book you and your friends have been intrigued to read, why not start now? With amazing food and views you’ll have a blast and can share thoughts on the plot and characters in real time!

Listen to music and/or people watch – If you’re looking to have a more relaxed picnic, then bring a speaker to play some music for you and your friends to listen to. You can even just strip back to basics and enjoy each others company with no distractions!

Wait… there’s more!

Flowers – What better way to complete your picnic by including flowers in your set up? This step is completely optional but will definitely make the picnic that much more Pinterest worthy! You’ll be sure to make everyone who isn’t there envy your aesthetic spring picnic.

Blankets and pillows – Comfort is key. You will most likely be enjoying your picnic for a while, so whether there are benches and tables around or you’re just going to be sitting on the ground, make sure you have blankets and pillows at the ready. This way you’ll be guaranteed comfort in a relaxing setting.

Outfits and photos – You want to make sure that you and your friends are ready for all of the photo opportunities that you’ll have at your aesthetic picnic! Check out our Pinterest board with the best spring picnic outfit inspiration. Bring your camera along and capture the best parts so that you can treasure the memories you make forever.

Make sure to tag us in your picnic posts on Instagram and Twitter, we’d love to see your aesthetic set-ups and gorgeous outfits!