The ‘When We Were Young’ festival and why we all want to go back to 2006

Avril Lavigne

The ‘When We Were Young’ festival features all of the loud and edgy artists that a lot of us late teenagers and early adults grew up listening to. The festival was originally meant to be one day long but sold out almost immediately and, as a result, has had two more dates added to it (which have also seemed to sell out!). This begs the question: Why are people traveling across the globe to see bands from 15 years ago?

The festival is being headlined by two of the biggest groups from the early 2000’s: Paramore and My Chemical Romance, the latter of which had disbanded in 2013 and have not toured since. As well as the headliners, the festival will be serving emo-nostalgia all around with bands such as ‘Taking Back Sunday’, ‘Jimmy Eat World’ and even ‘Hawthorne Heights’.

The festival is being held in Las Vegas towards the end of October this year and has already sold out at ~$245 a ticket. It may come as a surprise to some that a new festival based heavily on nostalgia and older music has sold out this quickly and has people willing to travel the world to go and see it.

Line up for ‘When We Were Young’

The idea of ‘throw-backs’ isn’t a new concept, people have purchasing ‘vintage’ clothing and collecting old records for the last twenty years, but it is arguable that this ‘trend’ is bigger then ever right now.

With most of the world stuck inside for the last few years it is no surprise that most of us want to reminisce on the times in our lives where we had less problems…

– Ollie Iles