Top 5 Instagram Illustrators You Need to Follow in 2020

As I am sure some of you avid fashion magazine readers are aware, Vogue Italia recently made the bold decision to refrain from carrying out any photoshoots whatsoever for their January 2020 issue. This daring decision was made “simply, to be more sustainable” in an effort to significantly reduce their carbon footprint, as stated in a press release by Vogue’s publishing company on the 3rd of January. Instead of seeing glamorous models wearing designer outfits in exotic locations, as is synonymous with Vogue publications, readers of the January issue were instead presented with the exquisite illustrations of seven different artists from across the world. Each of the artists were asked to create a cover, which featured a model wearing Gucci clothes. Artists included: David Salle, Vanessa Beecroft, Cassi Namoda, Milo Manara, Delphine Desane, Paolo Ventura, and Yoshitaka Amano. Each artist chose to explore a different medium and so each cover celebrates a different style from painting, drawing, graphic design, comic book design and collage. As well as having the benefit of lessening the negative impact that the fashion industry has on the environment, the use of illustrators to promote fashion gives readers the opportunity to look at designer clothing in a different light; perhaps seeing each item as a work of art rather than simply just a garment. Additionally, Vogue Italia has given these artists great exposure and a platform, which is likely to boost their careers and their credibility.

As a result of Vogue Italia’s brave move to promote sustainability, I am here going to be sharing with you some of my favourite instagram illustrators that I believe you all need to be following in 2020.

Sacrée Frangine

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Image from @sacree_frangine on Instagram

Dinara Mirtalipova

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Image from @mirdinara on Instagram

Alissa Levy

Image from @levysfriends on Instagram

Alison RachelImage

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Image from @recipesforselflove on Instagram

Madeline Kate Martinez

Image from @madelinekate_illustrates on Instagram

Written by Hannah Isham