Top 7 designs of the week to inspire you

Experiencing a creative block? Here are our top 7 picks of this weeks top designs to inspire you.


Coming in at number one. The king is back, returning more than ever Farhan mostly known as “bykxng” has exceeded with his iconic collage theme. Bringing a range of Drake song covers to create this powerful concept. Will be exciting to see what he comes up with next. Be sure to check out his Instagram below.


Secondly, we have @griffin_gfx amazing concept design of Gunna. It’s great to see the paint theme come back into place, but this time in a different manner. It’s hard to tell if this was done on photoshop or hand-painted. Along side griffins Instagram page he also has a youtube channel with over 100 thousand followers (Griffin GFX) which we highly recommend to check out.


Returning in the top 7 designs. Bailey has had a switch up in his style. Creating an alternative cover art design for Drakes new song (Laugh now, cry later). Bailey can clearly show to never be scared to experiment with your style. You never know it could be the best thing you ever did. Sometimes having a creative block is good means you can take a step back and think about what’s next.


Where can we start? Overall this design is absolutely amazing, with the use of textures, shadowing and even down to the typography. Kieran has nailed this design. Along with an incredible motion edit with the fire and cars moving in the background this design had to be in the top 7!


Starting with the main factor that the original cover only had NBA Youngboy’s head in the design so the amount of time that must have gone into making this look realistic is unbelievable in itself. Acing the reflection and shadows in this design, truly pulls together the overall concept. It wouldn’t surprise us if this became the official cover art design.


When we say that we are speechless, we mean it. This design as a whole is another level of beautiful, using the concept of “Utopia” a futuristic city/world almost makes us want a trailer or movie for this design. By demonstrating the use of shadowing and light, even showing great detail in the background. You can’t not look at this image just once. We want more!


Finally, we have this perfect concert concept design by markod3sign. Love the grunge style along with his use of colour and glow within the design. Having some areas of the design more clean than others, brings depth within the image. Use of simple typography works well in the sense that it doesn’t draw you away from the main design, but still works throughout the design. Can see this as not only a cover art but also a poster for an event or even a clothing design, great work!

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