They leave for you, not because of you (usually)

So, what is a Twin Flame? They’re the same soul mirrored, split in two (alternatively known as a divine counterpart) The theory is you have a soul contract together in this life to heal and help each other, this connection will feel cosmically correct. You might feel like you have known them for several lifetimes, you probably have. Your Twin Flame is basically mirroring what you won’t face within yourself.

There’s this thing called “The twin flame Journey” which consists of meeting your person, falling in love, running, and chasing (each other), separation, and finally union.

Separation is viewed as a self-development period and typically includes ghosting and mixed signals yet you weirdly feel connected to your Twin Flame even when they’re gone, this is because energetically you are linked. To address the healing you need to do to become your most successful, aligned, and whole self, this is when you invest 100% of your time into yourself.

Tough love time: This entire situation is to get you to choose yourself and not them anymore. you need to unpick your wounds and level up because you have greater things to achieve in life than to be with that person. (I know it might not feel that way but I promise you have so much more ahead) If both of you heal the idea is that you will re-unite but to get there you have to surrender to the journey and make healing a priority for yourself and not heal just to get them back (because that won’t work) If you choose yourself, you heal and you feel like you are whole within yourself regardless of them coming back or not then you will be okay no matter the outcome.

by Paige Mulleman

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