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A few of our favourite luxury and personal care brands have joined forces to bring us new revolutionary features that will knock your animated socks off.

Over lockdown, we’ve all been trying to keep busy with DIY, online shopping and lots of movie marathons. But the new bestseller for Nintendo has crept up quickly to become the most popular distraction during the crisis. The new Animal Crossing: New Horizons game has made the Nintendo Switch console impossible to get your hands on since it arrived. With every major retailer selling out instantly, so many of us are missing out on all the new exciting mods the simulation game has to offer. 

Tatchaland: The key destination for our favourite avatars to learn new skincare skills and practice wellness rituals.

Tatcha via Instagram
Tatcha via Instagram

Tatcha’s launch of their newest skincare product, ‘The Rice Wash’ is debuted on the game for avatars to try whilst Alo Yoga has created a namely avatar of their own to teach yoga dressed in their upcoming collection ‘Lavender Smoke’; which seems completely fitting to the purple hue of the Tatcha brand.

Tatcha Rice Wash Image
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But that’s not it! Taking a trip to the Nook Street Market within the game reveals how some other brands have joined Tatcha in making a breakthrough into this growing opportunity. New features include sampling real Givenchy lipsticks and the possibility of buying Glossier’s iconic pink hoodie.

They have also released over 250 new character-building fixtures and 19 different skin types, all of which replicate real skin realities such as cellulite, stretch marks and acne. The brilliant minds at Gillette Venus and collaborator Nicole Cuddihy have created this collection to also include commonly misrepresented skin conditions like eczema and vitiligo whilst not forgetting about body types with different abilities such as prosthetic limbs. 

Animal Crossing New Mods Image
Tatcha via Instagram

The exposure for these beauty brands is nothing we’ve seen before but its the perfect opportunity to change views on body types and promote body-positivity, especially for younger minds. Anthony van Dijk, the senior director of Venus North America said “The purpose of our campaign is to ensure that we’re putting out responsible imagery that represents reality and celebrates all types of skin, while also spotlighting the diverse skin stories of women all around the world. With Animal Crossing, we saw a unique opportunity […]”, further broadening the horizon for inclusivity within the gaming industry. 

So while we wait for more groundbreaking updates, keep an eye out for the console to give it a go. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available at Amazon for £35.99 (normally £39.99) but not for long. 

Written by Kiá Richardson