Visit Budapest, Hungary

The city of mythology, beautiful buildings and, dare I say, cheap drinks.

Originally a Roman town, full of fairy tales, and still holding up its authentic aesthetic, true to it’s state hundreds of years ago. Budapest displays its respect for all its historical culture from buildings to the statues placed all around the lively towns in heart of Hungary’s capital. When travelling around Budapest it is impossible not to notice its most divine culture. Walking around, you’ll find it hard to miss some of the cities beautiful, hand-crafted metal statues that will tell you a whole story of a legend, making you crave to know more about the history of the legends of Budapest. Only venturing for four days in this country and already I had seen approximately 30 different scenes created by centuries old metal statues. The stories of these statues have such an effect, even Alexander McQueen based his popular fall 2014 collections on the darker fairy tales.

Just as enchanting as the statues, and possibly holding thousands of years of history, are the many grand buildings, decorated with marble, detailed sculpting, still in their original perfect condition, from years of care from the locals. Inside, unexpectedly are food stores, bakeries, souvenir shops, painting sellers and many local, charming restaurants.

Almost temple like, are the famous Budapest Bath houses and Spas: notably I visited Budapest Szechenyi Spa and Gellert Bath House. Both enriched with cultural architecture and with the steamy, calming waters of Budapest, the experience is like one you’ll have never had before. The Szechenyi Spa outside waters was surrounded by the spa, Ella going around miles and in the pool heated to 36 degrees was a statue, constantly shooting out water to the pool and spraying passing Byers. The Gellert house was older and made me feel as though I was living hundreds of years ago from the atmosphere to the decorative ceilings – it could only be described as majestic.

Stepping off that plane was like stepping into a new century so enriched with history, making it even more authentic… the cheap drinks. Yes, how could I not mention the Hungarian hospitality at all of these bars, I payed €2 for doubles, €3 for cocktails and €5 for a round of 8 shots – I didn’t discover this all on the first night, just as a side note. That was just the bar experience, we also got to dance the night away in the largest club of the country. We were told a rich man had bought 3 buildings next to each other, knocked them all into one, to create ‘Instant’. This was club was huge! About 7 different rooms and two outside spots all filled with people. It was night to well remember (but not quite all the details). It was a great experience to let loose in the heart of Budapest and staying in the hostel right in town made it so easy to get to wherever we needed to go. I would recommend ‘The Wombats’ Hostel. Budapest is a beautiful blend of urban culture and charming history, that wins over anyone who is lucky enough to visit.