Welcome to the cover art community: 7 graphic designers to follow

Welcome to the cover art community, here are 7 graphic designers that are a must to follow. Along with a range of cover art community pages.


Bailey Gatland. Mainly, known as (baileygatlanddesign) on Instagram is a Western Australian concept and cover art graphic designer. Bailey is a king when it comes to motion cover arts and hyper-realistic concept designs. For instance his work being noticed by rappers such as Dababy, kidtrunks and China Townz. That’s only mentioning a few. It shocks me that he only has 850 followers. Can we help him to reach his goal of 1000 followers?



Secondly, focusartworks is a really slick graphic designer. Giving away free graphic packs weeky. These packs are a must have. With each pack containing a huge range of pngs, brushes, textures and more. Having these packs save hours of designing. With currently 1745 followers and climbing focusartworks is a page which you can’t miss.



Firstly, with his most recent project for Mozzik’s album, this design went crazy in the cover art community. Even with some of alternative designs racking up nearly 2000 likes on Instagram. With the exposure of the album the cover art has been seen by millions. Along with being noticed by @Genius and now being a verified Genius artist, Valdrin is someone who you really don’t want to ignore.



Skinny is a mobile phone graphic designer. Using Picsart to create all of these insane designs. Skinny really shows you that you don’t need expensive software or equipment to be a designer. I’d say that his style is unlike anyone else on the list. The use of typography holds a heavy role in his designs. Skinny is a real inspiration for those who are just getting into the design community.



Outlying.graphics is a 22 year old graphic designer. With designs out of this world. As an example she focuses mainly on rap culture within her work doing concept designs on Juice Wrld, Bazzi, XXX Tentacion and even producing her own cover art designs which are available to purchase on her website. Along with doing cover art designs she also displays a range of free graphics packs including powerful overlays and textures free to use. Furthermore she has a Justin Bieber fan art page (outlyning) with over 115 thousand followers… Creating unique concept designs and edits.



Since recently getting back into designing Jonathan Buckley has shown a great level of detail into his work. From taking part in the Pop Smoke cover art design competition held by 50 Cent in early July, Jonathan is clear that he will succeed as a designer. Taking inspiration from not only music but even through old horror movie posters.

Designs have also been inspired by what’s been going on in the world around him. Impactful designs involving spreading awareness of black lives matter through his art and page.



Finally, we have (crzjzu.art). His cover art designs have become very noticeable throughout the cover art community. To even being noticed by some big music artists such as Joey Badass. Pushing textures, and styles to the limit Chris has been known to become a trendsetter. Being experimental, pushing new concepts and ideas, this is what being a designer is all about.


Need More?

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Written by Jack Faulkner