An Interview with @lucydunwoody.mua

Over the past five years, beauty influencers have found their territory. Instagram and YouTube, specifically, have given rise to a new class of makeup “artists” who lack formal training, but have turned an iPhone and an arsenal of beauty supplies into paid brand partnerships and followings in the tens of thousands.

Jennings, who studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology and has 95,000 Instagram followers, says that social media’s new position in the beauty industry is so influential, it has created a new way of doing makeup. Makeup artists who preceded Instagram and YouTube have had to translate their skills to social media to stay in the game.

But professional artists also have a skill that many bloggers creating tutorials lack: the ability to do other people’s makeup.

Carbon believes Instagram and TikTok has been amazing to bring attention to smaller makeup artists and beauty bloggers who have a passion for makeup and unique talent.

Carbon interviewed Lucy Dunwoody, a Manchester based senior makeup artist at Plouise Makeup Academy, to find out what it is like to be an MUA. Lucy has 20.8K followers on Instagram.

“Established in 2014, P.Louise Makeup Academy began with one girl and a huge dream to ‘make it’ on her own two feet in the world of makeup. Now 4 years on, P.Louise has over 600,000 followers on social media, a large, newly refurbished academy, the most insanely talented team of Senior Artists, an extensive range of in-house and online courses and a sell out range of cosmetics, and we aren’t stopping there. 

At P.Louise Makeup Academy we take pride in providing the best personal experience possible, whether you are enrolling on a course, purchasing a product or having your face painted. 

At the Academy our facilities include an aesthetics studio, hair lounge, state of the art classrooms and student facilities, beauty lounge and pop up P.Louise Cosmetic Boutique (Coming Soon). 

So don’t hesitate to come in and check out our amazing facilities, meet our girls and book an appointment.”


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When did you get interested in makeup?

I became interested in makeup around the age of 15/16.

When did you know you wanted this to be your career?

I knew from a young age that I wanted to work in the beauty industry, as I’d worked in a hairdressers from around age 14. I decided to pursue this as a career from around age 17, part time. And committed to it as a career aged 19.


 What is one makeup product you can’t live without?

Any products that are multi use. Mac mineralise skin finish is a great one, it can be used as a contour, bronzer, eyeshadow. 

How important is skincare when you are an MUA?

Extremely. Ensuring the correct removal of makeup is essential for your clients. Plus, if your client has extremely dry skin for example and you don’t account for this you may cause it appear worse than it really is.

What do you do when your struggling to find inspiration?

I work with other people. Often I find when I’m having a mental block I speak with other artists to almost spitfire ideas. 

What is your biggest milestone so far? 

Becoming a senior artist at P.Louise. 

What do you aim to achieve?

My main goals now focus to my students. I want them to be comfortable in their skill and confident stepping out into the industry.

Any brand collaboration horror stories?

No! All the brands I have had the opportunity to work with have been extremely supportive.

What is your top 3 makeup brands and why?

  1. P.Louise makeup she always goes above and beyond for her audience to product products that are high quality, affordable and pigmented.
  2. Nars, I think although their products aren’t as affordable they are high quality and suit a wide audience.
  3. BPerfect, I like that they have given so many makeup artists the opportunity to produce their own line of work.

Do you believe Instagram is the best platform to address your client base?

To an extent yes. Instagram has given me a good platform to share my work and attract people from across the globe which without it would not have been possible. However, I would always say networking in person is essential for this line of work. Instagram interaction and following does not mean you will be a busy artist. 

Have you met people along this journey that have inspired you?

Yes. I have met so many people. From big artists to students starting out in the industry. There are so many reasons to enjoy makeup and want to offer a good quality service to people. 

What advice would you give to someone trying to become a MUA?

Patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take your time, perfect your skill to offer a high quality service. Quality is always more important than quality.

By Sofia Wells