Beauty Pie to expand with launch of Apparel and Accessories

By Holly Evans

Beauty Pie is set to expand its subscription service with new Apparel and Accessories this month. With the business already having huge success, with over 95,000 five-star product reviews and 350+ must-haves and award winners.  “Everyone that tries this becomes obsessed.” States Elle.

Beauty Pie, have entered the market with a new approach to luxury items, focusing on the consumer, sourcing beauty products direct from the world’s best beauty labs, without the ridiculous beauty industry retailer markups, resulting in getting more value for your money.

Consumers are already able to shop high-performance skincare from Switzerland and Japan, deluxe Italian makeup, French candles and fragrance, proficiently formulated supplements, body-care, and haircare.

With the offering of a subscription where paid members are able to gain access to colour cosmetics, skincare, and fragrances at factory prices, whilst non-members are able to shop but will need to pay the retail price.

The brand will launch apparel and accessories, starting with pyjamas and an electronic cleansing brush, according to Vogue Business who exclusively interviewed Founder Marcia Kilgore about her potential successful plans for the upcoming future. Along with razors, refills, a bucket hat, and towels that will be released during the summer. With high potentials and aims to expand the brand, “Kilgore’s goal is for Beauty Pie to become a one-stop shop for luxury beauty”, according to Vogue Business. With products being offered at appropriate drugstore price points, with greater value in formulas and ingredients. 

With a great launch apparel plan of launching 5,000 pairs of one pyjama style, available in two colourways and five sizes, with Kilgore telling Vogue “We are looking at things that the consumer might wear at home.” This would be for the consumers own comfort, when working at home, as well as using other Beauty Pie products.

Even after the post-pandemic state, consumers are still pursuing in purchasing online, as well as choosing at-home apparel and accessories for comfort and easy access.  The post-pandemic state of fashion podcast by Mckinsey states “It’s clear that athleisure and casual-wear sales have seen a huge acceleration over this pandemic”. With Beauty Pie releasing sleepwear and electronic cleansing brushes, so consumers have the comfort at their own home. Another study, Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Online Consumer Purchasing Behaviour by MDPI, states “Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven consumers to digitalisation and re-shaped their shopping habits.” This has influenced Beauty Pie to expand further into different competitive sectors with founder, Kilgore, telling Vogue “It’s inconvenient for our shoppers to have to go to the store to get razors because we don’t have them.” So, with Beauty Pie releasing more available sectors, this potentially could be a one-stop shop for consumers, as they buy direct for a lot less, with no catch or commitment. 

Beauty Pie has the availability to start a free trial on the website, with an option to join later as a member, with memberships including a 3,600-shopping allowance. With fighting for loyalty and product accessibility in a competitive market and industry, Beauty Pie are definitely stepping up their determined mindset in achieving a successful and reachable brand.