Cruelty for Cosmetics?

Vegan beauty is less of a trend and more of a lifestyle choice. Although it may come as a surprise that many of the consumers aren’t actually vegan, they are getting the right recognition that everyone is getting on board with these vegan makeup brands. It was often thought that if something was vegan it wasn’t as good as something that wasn’t. It was often thought that if something was vegan then it wouldn’t be as good as the original. But as time has gone on things have changed. The vegan category has become a lot more popular and people have come to realise that vegan alternatives can be almost identical, but with just a formula better for the animals.

Vegan products have been more demanded over the past few years to give people that do have a different lifestyle, to experience the same things as everyone else. One of the highest selling mascaras is the Too faced ‘better than sex’ mascara Too faced isnt a brand typically known for vegan products as a lot of them contain some animal ingredients. This mascara is animal free and not only is this a popular seller, many people have been posting and saying how much they love the formula. This shows that some vegan makeup products are becoming more popular amongst everyone and they are helping animals in the process. It’s been noticed that vegan products don’t always differ as much as people think.

By Aiysha Hussain