Finding your 2022 Fragrance

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With an abundance of glorious perfumes saturating the market right now, it’s becoming increasingly hard to find a fragrance that fits both your personal taste and style. However, a few companies and content creators have made the impossible task a little easier.

Whether you’re budget’s big, or little, Carbon’s got it covered…

An image of Margiela's replica fragrance 'under the lemon tree' surrounded by fresh lemons, a straw hat and black sunglasses
Image by  Needs and Moods

The retail price for the Replica range is as follows: £49 for 30ml and £99 for 100ml. The fragrances are available at multiple retailers including John Lewis, Selfridges, Harrods, Cult Beauty, Look Fantastic and The Perfume Shop.

Starting off at the ‘investment’ perfumes, the Replica line by Maison Margiela should be at the top of your list.

Replica does what it says on the tin, these fragrances are supposed to be a ‘reproduction of familiar scents and moments of varying locations and periods’ with these eau de toilette’s, you can smell like a specific moment that you haven’t experienced or a place you’ve never been to. The niche quality of replica is what makes it so unique. Whether you want to smell like Sicilian lemons, fresh matcha or day one of Coachella, Replica will achieve it for you. Very few people will smell as exquisite and refined as you do.

Matcha Meditation is Carbon’s pick from this line as it’s truly one of a kind. Upon first whiff (there’s probably a more elegant word worthy of using) it’s neither particularly floral or musky, it truly smells like freshly brewed matcha tea. However as it lingers it’s perfectly balanced with notes of Bergamot, Cedar wood and Jasmine.

According to Harrods deeper analysis, it’s Base notes are: Moss accord, White chocolate accord, Cedar essence

Middle notes: Matcha accord, Orange flower absolute, Jasmine accord

Top notes: Bergamot essence, Mandarin essence, Green tea accord

If you like the scents of any of the above this one is probably for you

An image of Margiela's replica fragrance 'matcha meditation' on a wooden board with a bowl and a smaller bowl filled with green matcha powder
‘Matcha Meditation’ promotional image by Replica, Maison Margiela

An image of Aesop's 'Hwyl' fragrance

Miraceti, also dubbed “The Boat,” takes inspiration from the serenity of the sea and its “heady, swirling waves, oscillating horizon and peaceful yet isolating emptiness.” Karst, “The Shore” boasts a fresher aroma with mineral notes that aim to replicate the feeling of water and Erémia, or “The Wasteland,” takes inspiration from wet moss and wildflowers.

Second up in luxury fragrances is Aesop. The Australian brand is widely known for their luxury skincare, however since 2005 they have released a luxurious line of perfumes.

Aesop is somewhat of a dark horse in the world of perfumes. They remain mainstream yet carry the indie aesthetic that is so coveted today. Whilst the bottles are sleek and simple, their scents are complex and distinguished. The Prices of Aesop vary depending on which scent you buy, the newer ones retail higher with the most costly currently being £140 for 50ml and the cheapest being £90 for 50ml. You’re also able to buy their scent Marrakech intense in a handy 10ml size for £70.

Last year, following the great success of their other scents Aesop released three new unisex fragrances: “Miraceti,” “Karst” and “Erémia,” to complete a collection titled “Othertopias.”

3 images of Aesop's fragrances against marbelled backgrounds

Aesop’s underground cult following is a testament to their fragrance line, you can find perfume conoisseurs go into more detail on YouTube and Reddit:

An image of Aesop's fragrance 'Marrakech Intense'
‘Marrakech Intense’ image by Mr Essentialist

Marrakech Intense is Carbon’s top pick from Aesop. The unisex staple fragrance is a well-loved fan favourite. As its name suggests the scent is warm, spicy and aromatic, reminiscent of Morocco’s famous markets and cuisine. According to multiple sources the scent layers are as follows: top notes are Cardamom, Cloves and Bergamot; middle notes are Rose, Jasmine and Neroli; base notes are Sandalwood and Cedar. Much like Replica’s Matcha Meditation, Marrakech Intense is beautifully balanced with florals whilst retaining it’s unique earthy top notes.

If you consider yourself a Chai tea fan this one might be for you, the blend of cardamom and cloves is strong but not overpowering.

The TikTok account body_talks_perfume follows a similar premise to that of Replica by Maison Margiela. They create videos matching feelings and aesthetics that films or art inspire and suggest a perfume to encapsulate it, if you’re after a dreamy Call me by your name Italian summer scent they suggest perfumes with citrus top notes like Dolce and Gabana’s Light Blue Intense. There’s a perfume to match any film you could think of, if you wish to smell like Patrick Bateman (as odd a choice that may be) – Zarkoperfume by Muse, if you fancy encapsulating the scent of the hot Priest from fleabag – 19-69 by Female Christ. The list goes on.

If specifics and niche scents are something your after, have a browse of their videos and you might by chance find your favourite fragrance…

As nice as luxury fragrances are, watching them slowly deplete thinking “that’s a pound a spray” can pull on the heartstrings, and the purse strings. You can find scents that are equally as lovely on the highstreet, and you won’t have to feel guilty for going crazy with them.

Zara’s fragrance line has an extremely large variety of scents to choose from, a lot of them allegedly emulate high-end fragrances. Whether you’re into your florals or your ‘vibrant cities’, there’s bound to be something from a collection that you’ll take a shine to.

Zara also offers a feature that not a lot of fragrance lines do, you can now buy refillables so that you don’t have to continuously buy a new one every time you run out. They come in bottles that are fitted with a special nozzle so that you can decant the liquid into your already used container. You could even buy the refillable option separately and put it into a perfume bottle that you already have if it’s particularly sentimental, or just pretty.

From classic scents to seasonal fragrance, our new online collection of perfumes has something to suit every woman. Discover a new mood; fruity, floral, woody or exotic. Intense perfumes are perfect for special occasions, or pick something fresh and light Aas your new signature everyday scent. Try layering multiple aromas for a trulu unique blend.

Amalfi sunray perfume by Zara next to Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford
Amalfi Sunray eau de parfum by Zara

Keeping on theme with the ‘romantic Meditteranean holiday’ vibe, Amalfi Sunray is the perfect budget-friendly citrus toned perfume with notes of bergamot, tangerine and orange blossom. In collaboration with Jo Malone (the renowned candle company), this scent is also available in other forms such as hair mist and candles. This particular scent happens to be a rumoured dupe for Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino to sweeten the deal further. It retails for £25.99 at 90ml, £15.99 for 40ml, and £5.99 for 10ml, this is an unbeatable deal considering its counterpart which retails for £130 for 100ml.

Rose Jam perfume by Lush against backdrop of sliced oranges
Rose Jam by Lush

Lush is a brand that has maintained a cult following for years, primarily due to its bath, skin and hair products. Their perfume, however, is a little underrated.

Lush can be described as a mid-range brand in this instance as their prices vary. Some perfumes retail up to £125 for 100ml (such as Goddess) whereas others hit the £40 mark (per 100ml).

A unique feature to the brand is their sustainability ethos, solid fragrances have proven to be popular with the brand using all-natural ingredients. They come as balm that you can rub on your skin like a moisturiser, these are perfect for those with sensitive skin, or if you’re in the market for something a little more subtle.

Arguably their signature scent, Karma has stood the test of time as a soap, bubble bar and perfume. A mixture of Patchouli, Brazilian orange and Siberian fir, Karma’s Top notes are Orange, Lemongrass and Lavender; middle notes are Pine Tree, Lemon and Cassis, and base notes are Patchouli, Fir Resin, elemi and Cinnamon.

Earthy and citrusy, Karma is the perfect meditative fragrance as it’s packed with essential oils. Like Lush’s other perfumes you can also buy it in a solid form which makes for a perfect soothing balm on your pressure points.

Karma comes in 3 sizes, 6g (solid form – £10), 30ml (£30), and 100ml £60.

Karma perfume by lush
Karma by Lush

Stay tuned for Issue 19 of Carbon coming soon.

By Rosa Macvicar