Fleetwood is Perfectly Pleasing.

If you’re not too sure, Pleasing is a brand launched by Harry Styles that (currently) sells nail polish, skin care and basic apparel pieces. It was launched in November of 2021 and it sold out pretty quickly despite the drop coming out of nowhere. Last week, the brand announced their Spring drop called “Shroom Bloom” which consists of a duo nail and hand balm, acid drops and four new shades of nail polish. 

Acid Drops via Pleasing – £27
Hand + Nail Balm via Pleasing – £20

What does Mick think of Pleasing?

The Spring collection also came with a newly elected face of the brand. No other than Mick Fleetwood is the face of the Pleasing Shroom Bloom drop. Fleetwood told Vogue that “Pleasing is this experience of, ‘Why not?’ or ‘I’ve never thought of that’ – and that’s why I’m part of it, ​​it says, here’s something, either literally or figuratively, to hold your hand while we’re all on this journey. That’s what it means to me.” He also told Vogue that he believes the brand is “an empowering tool for self-expression and self-expression” before also saying “In our time, if someone went to a concert with blue paint all over their face, you go, “How cool is that?” You wouldn’t say one thing or the other. That’s how I’ve always felt. Don’t be judgemental and have fun with it. That’s what Pleasing represents.”

Mick was photographed for the collection at his home in Maui; he wore a light pink Pleasing t-shirt with a silk waistcoat over the top of it and blue trousers to tie it all together. However, the star of the show was the vibrant red nail polish called ‘Vine Ripe’ from the yet-to-be released collection. He was also pictured in a purple monotone outfit, complete with a purple top hat and a coat of the Sprouting nail polish by Pleasing on his nails. 

Photographs via Vogue: Courtesy of Pleasing

If you don’t know who Mick Fleetwood is, he’s the co-founder, drummer and leader of the iconic band Fleetwood Mac. And, if you didn’t know, Fleetwood Mac is one of Harry Styles’ main inspirations in the musical world. The two were introduced back in 2014 when Fleetwood’s daughters asked him if he would take them to a One Direction concert, and since then Harry has become close to both him and Stevie Nicks.

We can’t imagine how excited Harry must feel to be working with Mick. 

By Emma Bell