Hair colour trends that will matter in 2022

As 2021 is coming to an end, we have seen many different hairstyles and hair colour techniques go viral on social media apps namely, Tiktok. Alternative hair colour styles have become super trendy from last year and keep on evolving in different ways. With the help of Tiktok, alternative styles such as hairstyles, makeup and clothes are pushing mainstream at the moment. Last year the iconic e-girl coloured bangs and half and half hairstyles became huge on Tiktok.

We’ve also had our fair share of ‘alt’ hair colour trends this year, it’s time to see what will be the ‘it’ hairstyles in the upcoming year:

Hair Colour Trend #1: The Under Dye
Under dyed hair is the perfect hair colour trend to have some colour in your hair but not too much. It’s amazing for beginners that want to dye their hair but not get too overwhelmed. Depending on how small the dyed section is, it’s pretty hidden until noticed. This fun hairstyle is already blowing up as it seems late into the year and will definitely be a huge trend next year.

Hair Colour Trend #2: Reverse Ombre
This sickening hairstyle is like a cherry on top (if it’s red, then literally). It’s very cool and something definitely worth trying in the new year to come.

Hair Colour Trend #3: Skunk Hair
We’re bringing back the 90’s heavy highlights with this loud hair colour trend next year. It’s definitely not discreet like the under dye and speaks very much for itself. This hair colour trend can be hard to pull off unless done right.

Hair Colour Trend #4: Deuce Chunky Streaks
For this hair colour trend, we’re bringing back late noughties pop rock aesthetics. It gives Avril Lavigne in her prime and Jade West from Victorious vibes strongly.

Hair Colour Trend #5: Dip Dye
This futuristic hair hair colour trend is kinda to die for. Short dip dye will become very trendy in the following year especially with choppy layers.

Written by Sonia Osuji