How Euphoria is inspiring for young adults to express themselves with make-up

In this generation, new makeup is released, new shows are filmed and new trends are famous. What I would like to touch on specifically is the show Euphoria. 

Euphoria is an American teen drama television series created and written by Sam Levinson for HBO. The show heavily touches on the drug use from teens and the troubles teenagers face. A lot of what you see on the show is presented by there use of makeup, which personally I think is extremely clever and shows a new form of makeup, which I love. The use of the makeup shown by these characters represents who they are as a person. One thing that makes Euphoria so different and unique is that no body in the show questions ‘why there makeup looks like that’ or ‘why that boy is wearing glitter all over his face’, it just seems normal for the makeup to be so abstract, colourful and used by everyone. 

Where euphoria is such a famous show, and watched by many people, especially young adults, the use of the makeup is seen as a therapeutic way of expressing who you are and what story you tell  and how really it is a form of art, which can be used by anybody. I believe that some people, specifically men have come to realise that more recently. 

Euphoria is a show that I have watched several times, and I am always so hit by the use of makeup, its almost emotional, because you can see exactly how different each character is portrayed just through the use of makeup and it inspires you to just be yourself and not acknowledge when people question you ‘why are you wearing these clothes?’ or ‘why are you wearing makeup?’. It would be a huge break through if everybody were to realise that makeup is used to express yourselves, and therefore is allowed to be used by anybody.

By Lauren Burger