How to naturally edit your gorgeous selfies

Natural is back in. The craze for big lips, drawn on eyebrows and a huge booty is gone. Where this may have started with influencers, such as Kylie Jenner and Molly Mae getting their fillers dissolved, the natural look has gone global.

Over lockdown everyone was forced to embrace the stripped back version of themselves with messy buns, no makeup and loungewear making an everyday occurrence. Since coming out of lockdown, this look is here to stay as individuals feel empowered by their natural beauty, although still enjoying the occasional glam.

Social media is feeling the effects of this too, saying goodbye to heavily photoshopped posts and the classic dog filter. However, it is rare to get a photo with the perfect lighting and no blemishes, lets’ solve that.

First things first, crop! Cropping an image, even just slightly allows you to ensure everything is central and the focal point is clear.
Secondly, on photoshop express, enhancing the contrast. This ensures a wide range of tones, subtly adding intense colours and deep textures.
Next, highlights. Increasing highlights allows the viewers eye to be drawn to the image.
Similarly, it is important to make sure the colours of the image are as they would be to the naked eye. For example, making sure the whites are pristine white.
lowering the temperature balances this.
Finally, sharpening the image emphasises the details.
Natural but perfected

By Sofia Wells