I Tried The Primark X Jordan Lipscombe Beauty Edit and Here’s What I Thought!

Having been a fellow fan of Jordan Lipscombe for many years when I saw on Instagram that she was promoting a new beauty edit she had done with Primark I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. 

The beauty edit currently has 11 products all within a very reasonable price range. These include: 

  • PS Energy Hydrating Primer spray £3
  • PS Lip Liner in Shade ‘Toast’ £1
  • 3D Allure False Lashes £2
  • High Shine Lip gloss in Shade ‘Nude Ambition’ £1.50
  • Brow Sketch Pencil in Shade ‘Dark Brown’ £2
  • My Perfect Colour Double Coverage Matte Foundation £5
  • False Lash Queen Mascara £3
  • Magic Hair Clips £2
  • Bake It Setting Powder in Shade ‘Beige’ £3
  • PS Foundation and Contour Stick in Shade ‘Chai’ £2.50
  • High Pigment Blush in Shade ‘Rosewood’ £1

Using these products, you could get a full face for only £22! 

Sadly, I could not get my hands on the full collection, but I went to my local Primark to pick up a few of the items and here’s what I thought!

Starting off I tried the lip liner and lip gloss together and they were amazing! They complimented each other very well and lasted for hours which I was quite shocked at. The lip gloss didn’t feel sticky on my lips which is a problem I’ve had previously with other brands. Instead, it felt very lightweight and almost didn’t realise it was there! 

I was a bit disappointed with the foundation and it wasn’t sitting right in some places on some areas of my face and had quite an orange undertone to it. I do think there is quite a few other high street foundations out there which are better but for £5 you can’t really complain. 

The 3D allure false lashes were some of the best lashes that I have ever used which I was very shocked at as I’ve previously been spending a fortune on false eyelashes! These have now become a new favourite of mine and I will definitely be using them again.  

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by the products that I was able to get my hands on. I never usually think about picking my makeup products up from Primark but I’ve now definitely found some new favourites of mine!

Written by Cody O’Sullivan