Inner eye accents

Recently, we’ve noticed the inner eye corner is getting the attention it deserves, with inverted eyeshadow designs that focus the drama inward, rather than outward, and ombre gradients that play around with the natural light and shade that happens there.

In fact, it’s an area that makeup artists often note gets overlooked. Anatomically-speaking, our noses quite literally throw shade, blocking the amount of light that reaches our inner eyes and it’s also a spot where dark circles tend to be most pronounced. That’s why it’s always a good idea to get up in there with a concealer , taking it in a semi-circle around the side of the nose and eye

But, we’ve even seen makeup artists and celebs play around with taking things a step further, with embellished inner eye corners. At the premiere of her film, Dune, Zendaya stepped out with a duo purple inner eye accent that totally changed the vibe of her otherwise dark smoky eye. A deep violet added extra definition and extended the wind inwards, and a pale shimmering lilac helped freshen everything up

by Jenna Hunt