Kims new fragrance line launched Thursday 18th November and her fans are loving it! In Kims instagram post she explained that the opal stone is something that she has is deeply connected to which is the reason bending the name. Opals can come in a different form of circular shaped stones that have strong connections to loyalty, confidence and happiness. Through this collection the Opal scent is meant to intensify love, passion, loyalty and confidence. “I really wanted to evoke those emotions through all three scents. I can’t wait for you guys to try these new fragrances,” Kim wrote on Instagram. Opal Energy has an earthy scent. Opal Mood is more fruity. And Opal Drip is a mixture of both woody and sweet tones. They are selling at £45 each and £120 for the three set bundle.

Opal Drip

‘Opening with dewy greens and calming lavender, a peaceful medley of tagete petals, white jasmine and waterlily envelop the senses, while sugared amber, grounding oak moss and a halo of musk unfold in the background”

Opal Energy

“We are introduced to this fragrance through a kaleidoscope of bright lemon and bold ginger. At its heart, a bouquet of tuberose, orange flower and tender muguet contrasts with sandalwood, earthen patchouli and vanilla musk”

Opal Mood

“Glowing citrus and dewy fruit blend with sheer jasmine, fresh freesia, and honeysuckle nectar to create a luminous, feminine heart. Creamy sandalwood, silk musk and cedarwood wrap this scent in sensuality”

Leah Payne