MAC releases the viral mascara MACSTACK !

The Macstack mascara is currently selling out in stores and online with its viral sound whilst applying the mascara to see how much it can be layered on the lash without looking clumpy or looking like spider legs, this is done because of its formulation allowing the mascara to be able to be ‘stacked’ on itself even after applied throughout the day.


Macstack is proven to be clump proof, water resistant, 24 hour wear, non flaking and light as a feather.

‘It was tested on 111 customers that saw visibly 95% lengthen and lifting effect to the lashes’ – MAC

It’s definitely challenged other mascaras that are best sellers on the market especially with the option of two different wands to cater to different types of lashes.

The pink wand is for people who have length and curl already but want the fake lash effect and the other wand which is grey is for short, straight lashes which allows the wand to get all the individual lashes because of how small the applicator is with more of a ultra precise for application and this will create a more natural curl.

go get your own Mac stack today.