No Bottles To Break – Just Hearts With These Genderless Rose Perfumes!

New takes on this classic perennial make for a modern scent!

Not only are roses the most romantic flowers to give and receive, but they’re also the backbone to smelling sweet and sexy. Every rose is unique but so is every rose perfume. Some can scream sweetness whilst others can smell musky and woody or even have a citrus punch. Despite the range of rose scents, they all constantly keep their charm and intimacy.

Brands today such as Tom Ford, Dior and Diyptique have yet to be the first to recognise the rose’s potential. In ancient times, the rose was highly treasured and symbolised beauty and passion, as recognised by ancient queens such as Aphrodite and Cleopatra. And while the rose scent has been associated with femininity, the scent is actually gender fluid. Rose has always been and continues to be a cult favourite among perfumers because of its sensuality and versatility. Whether its the fresh floral floral smell you love or the deeper, rich notes of a more grown-up rose scent, indulge yourself with a rose-based fragrance!

Check out these 3 genderless rose scented perfumes I have chosen that are romantic and alluring:

Maison Margiela is known for his collection of fragrances that are inspired by specific memories and moments in time rather than particular notes and individual scents. His fragrance ‘Bubble Bath’ is a bottled memory of ‘comforting, clean accords’ with fresh top notes of crushed leaves and freesia. Soft middle notes of Indian samba jasmine and Egyptian jasmine delicately paired with tuberose and rose from Grasse – balanced by intense, sharp base notes of cedar wood, peach and oak moss. Perfectly androgynous!

Available at Cult Beauty in two different sizes – 100ml for £99 and an exclusive 30ml for £49. Also available to pay in instalments with Klarna or Clearpay.

Amber Rose by Shay & Blue is a chic, decadent and romantic unisex fragrance with a light floral aspect. Top notes are fresh may rose from Grasse leading to an enticing sweet milk note and Dulce De Leche, followed by a base of white amber. Shay & Blue scents are made with real flowers, spices and fruits with a long-lasting scent. The fragrances are all handcrafted in England and are produced to the highest standard of animal and planet welfare. The brand is also cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, clean, responsibly sourced, and ethically supplied.

The fragrance comes in a variation of sizes. Starting with 100ml which retails for £55 followed by 30ml, 10ml and 2ml. All available to shop through Shay & Blues website with details about prices.

Byredo’s new perfume Young Rose marks a new era of floral fragrance’s by redefining the classic rose scent by injecting notes of musk, Damascena rose, ambroxan, ambrette seeds and Sichuan pepper creating a sexy and inviting scent. This perfume was inspired by the ‘restlessness and youth of the new generation’, the gender-neutral Young Rose scent blends traditional notes with these woody, spicy floral smells to create a sophisticated fragrance for everyone.

Available to purchase on Cult Beauty, retailing at £127 for 50ml and £182 for 100ml. Additional payment options such as Klarna are available also.

Written by Madeline Martin