Perfectly Pleasing

Harry Styles has been teasing his Pleasing brand by wearing a “pleasing” sticker on his phone as well as wearing “pleasing” hoodie’s occasionally. Fans quickly found out that Harry owned a company called Pleasing and it was only a matter of time until it dropped. 

Harry Styles in a Pleasing hoodie.
Harry’s phone with a Pleasing sticker on the case.

Harry did a random pre-sale of Pleasing for the first early this week before dropping his entire first collection on Monday afternoon. Soon after, Dazed announced he was on their cover this month to help announce his new cosmetics brand. 

Harry photographed for Dazed.

The first drop of Pleasing gave us six products, which included nail polishes, a lip balm, an eye serum and a face serum. 

There were four nail polishes in shades ‘Perfect Pearl’, ‘Pearly Tops’, ‘Inky Pearl’ and ‘Granny’s Pink Pearls’. The polishes are available individually for £16 or as a set of four for £50. The set of four also includes nail art letters 

The Perfect Polish Set by Pleasing – £50

The ‘Pleasing Pen’ is priced at £23 and it’s a dual ended tool which consists of both a lip balm and an eye serum. The eye serum awakens and hydrates the eyes whilst the lip treatment soothes the lips. 

The Pleasing Pen by Pleasing – £23

The final product in the first Pleasing drop was ‘The Pearlescent Illuminating Serum’ and it moisturises the skin whilst being used either alone or as a primer for makeup. This final product is priced at £27. 

The Pearlescent Illuminating Serum by Pleasing – £27

To promote the new brand, there were two pop up shops in America with only half an hour notice. This was so that only local fans could attend and to prevent the area’s from becoming overwhelmed. The pop-up was an aesthetic truck with the brands logo on the side where fans could only purchase the nail polishes or pick up free Pleasing stickers. 

The Pleasing Truck!

Shop the entire collection at !!

by Emma Bell