Refillable Beauty Products- Can They Solve The Industry’s Plastic Problem?

We all know that the beauty industry does not help the environment with its packaging and you would think the best way to solve this is to simply ‘buy less’ but brands are now bringing out refillable packaging so that you can still restock your favourite products but in a more sustainable way.

Refills are more affordable as they are stocked in smaller sizes.

Firstly, L’Occitane set out their refills in 2008 where you could buy sachets of the original products and refill it in the old bottle. They are researched to be 90% less plastic than and original bottle which adds up annually to be a whole lot less. L’Occitane are including more and more in store filling stations in which customers can bring their empty products into store and refill them.

If more brands continue to do the same, slowly change will happen. People are seeing the positives in this as is a way to treasure the original packaging that you may not be able to purchase anymore.

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Fiils is a company who are sustainability optimists that offer a service for refills to be sent back to them. Their impacts are to; reduce emissions, reduce plastic waste, reduce carbon dioxide and close the loop on waste.

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