Save your tan!

It’s safe to say our summer tans are starting to fade and we’re all wishing for that summer sun kissed glow again. The key to fake tanning is making it look as natural as possible, when people ask wether its real or that’s when you know your doing it right.

Here’s 5 ways to help you tan last longer and keep you looking natural.

1. Moisturise

Using a moisturiser or body butter is one of the best ways to keep your summer glow as its important to not let your skin get dehydrated. Keeping your skin moisturised every day its going to help lock in all the colours. The Nivea after sun helps with keeping your natural for as long as it can.

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2. Gradual moisturiser tan

This is your best bet as it going to moisturise you skin while also adding some extra colour too. It’s something you can easily apply in the mornings or after you shower leaving you feeling fresh. The subtle colour will just enhance your tan and no one will know that it’s not real.

3. Cold Showers

This one may sound weird but having lots of hot showers will end up dehydrating your skin causing it to start peeling. This will leave you with a tiger bread looking tan and no one wants that! Setting your shower to a low temperature and avoid having baths is going to help make your tan glowing longer.

4. Fake Tan

If you want to top up your tan more, opting for a tanning mouse is a great option. There are a few steps in order to keep your tan looking natural and like you have come back from holiday. Exfoliating and moisturising are key to do before you apply any fake tan. This will help the tan not stick to any rough patches and look as natural as possible. To help make the fake tan last longer too keep adding moisturiser or gradual moisturiser to your skin.

5. Face tan serum

To make sure your face will match the rest of your body using a face tan serum is a great way to get a natural sun kissed look. You mix it in with any moisturiser of your choice and it will develop overnight. This is something you can add to aswell if you want to build it up to make it darker.

Leah Payne